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How To Create Professional eBay Listing Template Design


It’s just a myth that by listing products you will start to earn a fabulous amount of money out from eBay. For this thing, you have done some really smart work to attract, convince & retain your customer & one such thing is to design your own unique & creative eBay product Listing Template.

Let’s know what an eBay Listing Template is?

In simple words, it is a template that guides you on what to display or layout, product information so that it will have a major impact on your audience’s psychology. With a template, you don’t have to repeat the same procedure for each item.


In short eBay, Listing template will help you in the following ways :




Now why it is recommended to have a catchy eBay Listing Template Design?

As eBay is a virtual place, where your customers have no physical presence of products than to create credibility & trust in the buyer for your product you should work to have a lasting first impression that’s why Listing templates can be a good way to get this done.


As I have told earlier that it is just a way to increase sales on eBay, not a magic wand. There are some of the things you must remember before going to design your eBay listing template:

Button 1 Don’t need to make some highly complex templates for getting customer attraction. Simple templates with all needed information can also make your template unique.

Button 1 Content is king, so try focusing more on product details rather than the graphics of your template.

Button 1 Read all rules, terms & conditions regarding templates on eBay website carefully before getting your design ready.


Now let’s discuss how you can make your eBay Listing Template Design professional. Here are some tips which will help you in creating professional eBay Listing Template Design:-

One Make Your Template Descriptive: When a customer enters into your product listing, he first wants to get the maximum details in the least time. Hush-push detailing can create a negative image of your product. So try to create your template informative in such a way that it should have different options for different type of details like for product features should be displayed differently from shipping & payment details.

Create Tech-Friendly Template: By a recent research, 55% of all eBay transactions are fully or partially done by using Smartphones. Today in this era of Smartphone you can’t just think about having an eBay listing template that is just working on a desktop or computer. If you are such a thinker then your listing can’t survive the rise in the competition for sales. So it is highly recommended to design your template in such a way that it could have an easy run on Smartphones as well.

Three Make It Easy to Optimize: With nearly 7 million registered sellers where everyone wants to be on top of the search page, you can’t just ignore the optimization of your listings for getting higher visibility. Try to create a template that will allow you to get the maximum inclusion of keywords that are relevant to your product. Your filter options should be user-friendly & easy to handle with.

More Flexible: Although much of your product can be listed by a standardized template, there will be some product in which you have to focus more on return policy & there might be others where you have to focus on the guarantee. So your template should be designed in such a way that it gives you more space for needed adjustment in lesser time.

Five Template Should Be HTML-Friendly: When it comes to the HTML rules, eBay is really strict about it & it is advised that your template design should be according to its rules. They don’t accept any active content on templates. Only compatible contents are allowed for listing products. You can also read these HTML rules on the eBay website.

Focus More on eBay Policies: Much of the emphasis on the eBay policies has been given to the 3 categories that are Method of Payment, Delivery & Return. So your template design must be created in such a way that it highlights all these categories for the customers. Your template should have proper sections of these options this will also help you in creating a better user experience.

Seven Support High Definition Images: Support High Definition Images: Words are not sufficient for all detailing of your details. You must have to include all required images to your product listing to get the best presentation of your product. Your template should support high-definition images to turn a product listing catchy & attractive.

Eight Optimize Template for Your Storefront: If you own a store at eBay then you should have a unique color combination for your template that is more similar to the logo & storefront so you can provide a professional touch to your listing & will help in creating a great shopping experience for visitors.

Nine Easy Shopping Navigation:  If you want more engagement with customers in your product listing then try to have easy shopping navigation for your customers on the top & side of the template. This will also help you in generating cross-selling & up-selling of related products in your listings.

Ten Should Have Link to Contact & Feedback Pages:  You can’t ignore the importance of feedback of your past customers on the visitors to your listing as positive reviews help in persuading the visitor to buy the product. So include a link to Feedback page in your Template with that make it easy for visitors to contact you for any possible query.

So if you follow all these steps, then you will definitely end up having a highly-professional template for your visitors who will obviously have a greater instinct to buy from your listing. But to get all these things applied you should get the help of some professionals who have long experience with creating such templates. These experts will also provide you eBay Listing Services to get you rid of these tedious tasks.

MMF Infotech provides you guidance from experienced & dedicated professionals who will help you in getting higher visibility on eBay. We provide eBay Product Listing Services & eBay Bulk Listing Services to our clients at the reliable price with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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