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High-Quality Product Images Creation Ideas Followed By An Amazon Account Manager

Amazon Account Manager

Isn’t it is true that you had chooses the option of not to order some product due to the blurry image on any eCommerce platform? It’s like a big blunder for any product or service provider that their targets are missing because of bluer image apart from the fact that how and what your product or service actually is. Only an Amazon account manager knows all these important things.

Most of the online merchants already know the effect of a powerful image on the customer’s mind – the power that can create a variation in the number of targets’ browsing and buying the index while taking benefit of Amazon Product Upload Services. But do you know the parameters on the basis of which you can still improve your product image, and take the graph of sale on the next level?

Just take an example for Amazon, every month approx. 100000 sellers, join the Amazon marketplace and between the newcomers and the existing ones, being the Amazon Account Manager your biggest helper which can boost your sales is product image optimization. Here, you get to know the 10 tips which will help you to get your product image to another level.

But what is the reason and main benefits because of which the product images got so much priority?

The reason is straightforward. The ability to sell on eCommerce platform eliminates the capability of the consumer to touch and audit the product minutely. That’s why the only way left with the consumers is the image of that product. Whatever you are listing, wherever you are listing the only thing which makes the difference are the image and its description and therefore provides the actual and clean image of your product. So, be exact regarding your customer’s need. You can take help of Amazon Account Manager regarding.

The main benefits of quality and realistic images on eCommerce background are –

 Real images build the customers’ trust and ultimately retain them.
 Customer’s retention accelerates your sales.
 Quality of image captures the target’s attention.
 It also increases the click-through rate productively.
 Actual image lowers the ratio of returns.
 Helps in getting the positive feedbacks.
 It also compliments the shopping experience.

If providing the quality images, you can achieve this much, then why not?

But before all this, you should know as all Amazon Account Managers believe the fact that when you have to be simple and real and when you have to be creative regarding your images. If you want to attract your target to be creative and if you want to attract the Google crabs you have to be simple and real. A professional Amazon Account Manager knows everythoing about this.


Here are 10 wonderful tips for optimizing your product listing-

One Pixel Perfection: If you had a perfect picture from all the angels except the resolutions of your picture, all the efforts are wasted. The customer can scrutinize your product only via image and if your image is blurry, you can’t attract your customer as it will lessen the opportunity for getting your product examined. For a while, if you are an Amazon Account Manager you have to get it in your mind what Amazon Product Upload Services you have to opt for the best resolution.

One Colour And Special Light Effects: It is very important to provide the actual color of your products in your images. You can also use the light effects, but be alert that effects should be natural and also you can play with the shadow of your image. The Amazon product listing services allows you to be creative with your product images, but at the same time an Amazon account manager demand not to ruin the actuality of your product. Play with the natural light effects and provide the actual color of your product.

One Elegant And Spotless Background: eCommerce Platforms like Amazon and eBay had the rules regarding the color background of the product as pure white and without any special patterns and effects. The images should not contain any logo of your company or any other text. Images should be pure, bright and graceful so that customer got attracted. There is a need to consult Amazon account manager first.

One Different Perspectives, Angles Of Your Product: Showcase your product in each and every possible manner. Tell your customer all the expectations of your product with clear dimensions with multiple images. Decide which is the best image of your product to show at the first to the target because the first impression is the last one. You can take ideas about this from a professional Amazon account manager. Also, make the file size short so that it will not take a long time in loading.

One Market Your Product Key Features: Flourish the key features of your products and tell your targets the main advantage they will get in buying your product. Show them what they need. Tell them the features of their choice and elaborate your image as much as possible. Make your image eye catchy in the crowd.

One Yield The Best Of Your Image: Your product should be cropped so that it will cover most of the image frame. eCommerce Platforms like Amazon flour the criteria that your product should cover the minimum 85% area of the image frame. That’s why crop your product image so wisely that it will cover most of the white area and also reflects the best resolution.

One Is It The Holidays Or Occasion Time: Take the full advantage of holidays and different festival sessions. Provide something which will trigger the emotions of your targeted customers and also provide the best possible offers and accelerate the speed of your sales in a dramatic manner.

One Try To Have A Collage: Try to tell every specialty of your product in a single frame. Apart from providing different images of your product, you can also provide an image with all the angles, specialties, every perspective of your image. This will also attract your customers progressively. If having any doubt in mind then take guidance from an experienced Amazon account manager about this. 

One Stay True To Your Product: Keep your brand name and stay true with your product. Show the actual color, the fair price and tell every little bit of additional information about your product. This will generate brand awareness as well as help you in customer retention.

One Creative Backgrounds: Although eCommerce Background doesn’t allow you to provide a colorful background, additional platforms like Facebook or Google Ads allow you to make your product image catchier with colorful backgrounds to make the user experience better. This will helps you also to showcase your creativity with our product.

This all tips will help you to promote your product on the top of the search pages. As all these are not so easy to perform on a regular basis, but necessary to boost the graph of your sales. There is a simple solution to get rid of all these headaches, i.e. outsource your product listing work to someone who is professional in it. MMF Infotech is the place where you can get all these services done under one roof with the help of experts.

A professional Amazon Account Manager can help you in High-Quality Product Images Creation for your Amazon product listing. Hire the one who has expertise in creating elegant, catchy, high-quality images so that your product listings could grab more attention from customers.

MMF Infotech has 12+ years of experience in providing quality Amazon Account Management Services. Hire us today at cost-effective price – Call us @ +1-646-844-2755 now!

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