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eCommerce Solutions For Small Business – Important Steps For An E-Commerce Website Development

eCommerce Solutions For Small Business

ECommerce has been one of the fastest developing sections of the business for 10-15 years. The size of the e-market is bigger than the traditional market. There are thousands of online stores around the Web. Around 20,000 new e-commerce storefronts open every week. It is the easiest way to find eCommerce Solutions For Small Business growing up. As you know that Use of Mobile phones to access websites is constantly increasing day by day, and e-commerce sales are a large portion of this traffic.

The fame of the online market shows no signs of slowing, so now may be the perfect time to start selling on the web. There are more options for creating an e-commerce site than ever before. You can work with Best Outsourcing Companies in India to set up an online store, or you may want to let web professionals handle the design and development of your site from start to finish.

We all know development is a complex part of the website. In any project, there are many factors to consider, from user experience to perform. Development of an enterprise website is a large-scale, complex process, but e-commerce sites have its own many more challenges. Since users will be coming to the site to learn about and purchase products, developers will want to do everything they can to make this course easy and native.

Below are the best ecommerce solutions small business owners can choose –

Point 1  Magento- One of the reasons why you should choose Magento is because it is customizable and can suit changing business requirement quick easily. You can make a choice of this platform if your focus is to choose amongst best ecommerce platform. An open source tool, Magento has within it everything that an organization requires to launch and operate an ecommerce store.

Point 1 Shopify- Shopify is the perfect software as it is easy to use and comes decked with features. Some of the features of the platform are a ‘live ‘storefront, web hosting, CRM, website builder and much more. Using these features, with this platform the store set up and launch is quick and efficient.

Point 1 Wix- Wix is an affordable ecommerce builder software. One can use it on their own for creating an ecommerce store or they can also engage Wix’s AI program to perform the task. It is a small business ecommerce solution and can be the choice of not so tech-savvy small business owners.

Point 1 Squarespace- Apart from the above-listed eCommerce Solutions For Small Business, there can also be mentioned Squarespace which is also a popular website builder platform.

Point 1 Woocommerce- Woocommerce is a plugin which is easy to install and employ and is regarded as one of the best ecommerce tools for a small business owner. Available as a plugin, Woocommerce provides innumerable themes, extensions and plugin options to users.


Before creating an eCommerce Website or eCommerce Solution For Small Business you need to remember these key points – 

Point Create your business plan first.

Point Select, What are you selling?

Point Focus on your Targeted Market.

Point How much money do you want to spend on your eCommerce Solutions?

By Selecting the right tools and services you’ll need to make your website, to choosing the best e-commerce platform and payment gateway to fit your business, and also figuring out the best security for your site.

Tip 1 Choosing your best Web Design Tool –To create an eCommerce Solutions For Small Business, After creating a business plan now ready to focus on your new setup, it’s time to start creating your e-commerce website. The first step is choosing the tools you want to use for design and code your website. You have to learn some technology like “HTML, PHP, ASP, and CSS”. You don’t need to be proficient in any of them to create a website on your own, you should at least familiarize yourself with these technologies. If you want to go for self-creation than you can go for some Drag and Drop Tools like Word press, Wix etc. There is an inclusive range of resources available at Website.

Tip 1 Select Your Best Platform – Select Your Best Platform for E-commerce Solutions For Small Business, After selecting Web Designing tool next step is to decide platform for E-commerce. When you are going for an online store there are lots of things keeps in mind like one of the most important factors which platform is best for an e-commerce website.

There are two main types with e-commerce platforms – hosted and self-hosted. Hosted means company will host your store while self-hosted means they will provide you with software, but you have to get your own Web hosting.

There is also some more Hosted and self-hosted e-commerce platform option available like big-commerce, Volution, Magento, woo commerce.

You can choose either Hosted or Self-Hosted e-commerce platform, but before that, you have to register your domain name. After domain name, you go for the hosting process.

Tip 1 Picking a Payment Solution – After selecting the platform of e-commerce, the next step is selecting a way to take payment on your site in the process of eCommerce Solutions For Small Business. This process will convert your “commerce” to “e-commerce”. Payment system categories into two parts: – Payment Processor & Payment Gateway.

Payment Processor: Payment processors, like PayPal Website Payments Standard and Google Checkout, in which customer receive a checkout page that is hosted by the processing company. After customers submit their credit card information, they will be sent back to your website.

Payment Gateways: payment gateways such as integrate directly with your shopping cart and the transaction is essentially invisible to your customer.

Before Selecting a payment processor or gateway, also you should have considered about a transaction, set up, and service fees that each provider charges for creating ecommerce Solutions For Small Business.

In the process of payment, you should think whether the payment service provider offers automatic tax calculations or not. This will make it much easier to figure out how much sales tax you should be saving also, be sure to find out if the processor or gateway you want to use can automatically calculate shipping charges. With this kind of service, you’ll know exactly how much to charge your customers so shipping costs won’t bother into your bottom line.

Tip 1 Pick out a Shopping Cart – Pick out a Shopping Cart or Building Your Own An e-commerce shopping cart is the main thing of any online retail site in eCommerce Solutions For Small Business. If you are shopping for a shopping cart, It’s important to pick out one that can be matched to your business and be flexible to grow with your business.

Some examples of E-commerce Shopping Cart: – 3D Cart, Agora Cart, Zen Cart and many more.

You’re Shopping Cart of your payment processing solutions held by your hosting provider.

Tip 1 Security – In the process of setting an eCommerce Solutions For Small Business Security is one of the major concerns that customers have when it comes to buying online. It protects you and your customers from fraud and theft.

Using SSL certificate, you’ll be able to avoid cybercriminals from interrupting financial data over the internet. With an SSL certificate, you’ll also be capable to display your customers that your business can be trusted. The website’s URL is prefixed with “https” instead of “http” and a padlock is shown on the address bar after using an SSL certificate.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate: – A certificate serves as an electronic “passport” that establishes an online entity’s credentials when doing business on the Web. When an Internet user attempts to send confidential information to a Web server, the user’s browser accesses the server’s digital certificate and establishes a secure connection.

VA  Conclusion –

Using the given steps you can create your e-commerce store. It’s a process where many proficient web designers struggle when sitting down to create a new e-commerce store. But using the best practices it will be more efficient and will flow easier.

There are so many Web Designers and Developers available to provide their services but only a few of them providing good services according to customer’s need. So if you want good services according to your need and satisfaction, opt out to MMF Infotech today!

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