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How To Launch A Product On Amazon in 2019?

Amazon Product

If you are planning to launch a product on Amazon in 2019, whether you are a small business owner offering a unique product or a seasoned Amazon veteran, it is very important to have a clear strategic plan to make this product launch a success.

Pre-planning is as important as planning after the Amazon product launch because if there is already hype about the product in the market, it becomes a little easier to compete with already established brands.

Did you know 87% of Amazon FBA start-ups FAIL in their initial two years?

Why is that so?

What goes wrong even after taking every possible measure to ensure a successful product launch? 

You can certainly avoid being in this 87% by knowing  some extra magical hacks which I’ll be mentioning in this guide.

Just a good product or even an amazing product can’t guarantee you sales if you don’t work on its pre-launch and post-launch strategies both. It might sound difficult, but trust me its not! Not if you learn what you are about to read!So,FOCUS !


  • STEP 1 : Create Hype (Pre-launch strategy)
  • STEP 2 : Make sure you have Prime Badge
  • STEP 3 : Research the best keywords for your listing
  • STEP 4 : Get Customer reviews and generate Traffic
  • STEP 5 : Optimize and launch

STEP 1: Create Hype (Pre-launch strategy)

As Promotion before a movie launch has proven to be a successful strategy, promoting your product before its Amazon product launch can also be a great Pre-launch strategy.

Things you can do to create hype:

  • Post on social media often so that you can get potential buyers right away after the product launch.
  • Write blogs regarding your product and make sure your target audience sees it, make it informative.
  • Start using one hashtag frequently that you yourself set up, and then watch it spread like a wildfire as customers use it themselves.

STEP 2: Make sure you have Prime badge 

Amazon Prime badge works as an important factor as it is a mark of reliability and is trusted by huge range of customers .It has changed the face of online shopping since its debut in 2005 as it made it possible for consumers to get unlimited orders delivered to their doors within two days .So, If you get this marker on your product, there are chances that your sales lift of over 50%. Also, Amazon’s search algorithm is more likely to place Prime-eligible products in front of Prime shoppers who spend more time and money on the platform as a result of which your product gets more attention.

Having an Amazon prime badge can be a game changer!

You know what else has proven to be a game changer? SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime)!

With SFP, business running their own shipping operation can get the Prime badge on their products without using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). It’s great! Isn’t it?

So, if you have your own shipping operators, you can choose to go with SFP rather than FBA.

STEP 3: Research the best keywords for your listing

Your Amazon product ranking depends on your Amazon product keyword research. Optimizing your Amazon product includes integrating the correct keywords.

Keyword research for Amazon is fairly similar to any keyword research campaign for SEO. It involves a lot of thinking and research, you might have to use your brain for a while .Just kidding, guess what? We’ve got the tools that will help you out and hence you won’t have to use your brain THAT MUCH! Okay, the joke is over!

The initial step in the process is to think about the common terms your target audience is likely to search for your kind of product. Come up with a long list of keywords and then choose some of them for your product ranking .You can also experiment with different keywords to see if your product is being shown by using those specific keywords or not.

You can use tools such as SEMrush or Google’s keyword planner which will help you generate relevant long tail keywords using Amazon search suggest function.

STEP 4: Get customer reviews and generate traffic 

The more reviews you’ve got, the more there are chances of sale as analysis prove that 49% of customers get influenced by reviews. In other words, half of all customers want a review to verify their purchase decision.Hence,this fact alone is sufficient to concentrate on reviews before driving traffic to your products. Reviews have so much power that any product with no review or lesser review will directly be ignored by the customer even if the product is amazing.So,even a handful of reviews can make your product marketing-ready.

Statistics prove that only 2% of all reviews are genuine, so getting reviews is harder than said as you get 1 review after selling 50 of your products.

Amazon has a plan for this too! 

 For fastening this process, there are programs such as Early Review or Amazon Vine but these tools are more effective when there are already a handful of reviews and the product is market-ready.


After putting so much effort in strategy design and planning, you finally made it to the best part and that is what will bring sales and give you a fruitful result of your efforts, MONEY!

Traffic is generated by spending on broad keywords, with emphasis on driving traffic and increasing brand awareness, as well as detailed keywords to drive conversion and increase organic search rank.

External traffic can play a major role here as our targeted audience is right now chilling at their homes or offices scrolling facebook or instagram! The key to generating higher relevance is capitalizing on every possible avenue for traffic to your new product.

STEP 5: Optimize and launch

Amazon product listing optimization can make a good impact on your sales. After all in the end all that is required is sales!

If you optimize correctly, you rank higher and you sell more!

Did you know that 95% of Product listings on Amazon are not set up correctly?

This guide will help you optimize your products correctly like a PRO and improve your sales by 300%.

Product listing on Amazon is not that tough, you just need to know the correct way. Amazon product listing can be optimized in two major ways-

  • Optimizing the keywords according to Amazon’s algorithm.
  • Optimize the images and content to generate high visitor rate.

Ninja Tip: One of the most important things, which most people don’t focus on is making sure that that your product looks good on non-desktop devices.So,test your product on other devices too!

Launch your product (FINALLY!) 

If you’ve read everything above and are serious about making money on Amazon as quickly as possible, launch your product, implement each step and wait for your fruitful result. Your sales and rankings will see a serious boost by utilizing the tips and advice above. If you want to uncover other hidden gems which can help you improve sales effortlessly, you can also consult with our Amazon listing management experts.

There’s no reason not to try this week.

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