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How to Optimize Amazon Product Listings to Increase Sales: Best Strategies 2020 [Secret Guide]

Get 100% conversions by listing your Amazon Products.
Optimize your Amazon Product Listing.
If you are looking for ways to optimize your Amazon product listing that means you’ve already done the hard job of successfully installing your product on Amazon with an Effective Launch Strategy. So CONGRATULATIONS! Now, you just have to optimize it in order to increase your sales growth. But is it that easy? Guess what, it isn’t!
For listing optimization to make an impact, a well-strategized program and right guidance play a very important role. So, try to catch up this secret guide to have fruitful results.
How is it possible to give a boost to your sales every time you optimize it?
As you know, Amazon product listing is the product page for each of the items you sell on Amazon. It is made up of the information you enter when you list your product including its title, images, description, and price. So, try to vary any one entity at a time and see results!
Performing split tests by making variants is a proven, most powerful hack of all times!
Double your Amazon Sales with our 6 proven strategies.
It is the biggest question for any brand owner or private label: how do you properly optimize your listings to boost sales on Amazon? There is no simple answer, and it is never just “one thing.”  Success on Amazon involves doing a multitude of things correctly, all working together to give you a sales hike. In this article, I will provide not only the strategies but also the specific surrounding listing optimization and how Amazon sellers can take advantage of them to achieve their goals, regardless of size or scope.
Strategy # 1: Amazon Flywheel
The Amazon Flywheel or Virtuous Cycle is a strategy that leverages on customer experience to drive traffic to the platform and third-party sellers so as to improve the selections of goods. Amazon further improves its cost structure so it can decrease prices which spin the flywheel.

Amazon product listing is just one part of the puzzle, it is important to know about Amazon flywheel as this too is a crucial factor to explore!

To be the best, you got to have frugality, which means accomplish more with less!

Trying to explore every possible inch of your topic of concern is the first step to being frugal.

Strategy # 2: Know Amazon’s Listing Optimization Algorithm

Amazon A9 is what sits behind Amazon’s little search box. It fuels the website’s product search box which displays product results for searching customers. This algorithm decides which products should be displayed and how high those products will rank based on a host of criteria:

  • Relevance to search terms
  • Previous customer behavior and product preferences
  • Quantity of past purchases of a specific product by potential buyers

Did you know: Compared to the time and effort that a person would spend in ranking a site on Google, Amazon’s algorithm is simpler to crack?

The most important factor for Amazon product optimizing is that if you don’t optimize, you’ll never be on the first page!

It’s a harsh truth that 70% of Amazon shoppers never click past the first page of results and the first 3 products siphon away around 64% of the clicks!

Strategy #3: Improve your visibility

Talking about optimization, the most important entity to optimize are keywords. Keywords are crucial to any SEO strategy – and it’s no different for Amazon. Some research on long-tail keywords on the product that you’re posting can give you fruitful results! Amazon may not pick up on them, but Google will, and with natural-language queries becoming more popular in coming time, you’ll be in a better position to rank for the niche terms that will be pointing people to your product.  You must do your long-tail keyword research to know what your potential customers are using to search within Amazon.

For instance, if you’re selling women’s pants, then you don’t want to compete with everyone selling women’s pants so, broaden the playing field by using more specific terms such as “women’s regular fit training high-waist trouser black ” or “women flower printed trousers for running”

The better the keywords, the better are the chances for your website to rank!

Hence, try to find high performing, non-competitive keywords and take advantage of Google Keyword Planner or MerchantWords.

SEMrush or BuzzSumo can also help you identify which terms are most relevant to your audience! 

Strategy #4: Optimize product title and description

The product title is one of the first things that any potential buyer sees. Hence, from a UX perspective, it makes a lot of sense to include the most important and most relevant keywords inside the title. Use the most important keyword, preferably the name of the product firstly. While this may seem bit obvious, you’d be surprised at how often sellers neglect to do this.

Your product title in Amazon product listing optimization can be up to 500 characters, so there is plenty of space to go in detail.

The more information you give, the better the title gets!

Titles are sometimes mini-descriptions of products which is fine as it results in giving your product a higher rank.

Remember including all the main elements such as product name, model number, brand, color, size, type, etc.

Optimize product description

After giving your product a mind-blowing title, try giving it a great and appropriate description by keeping in mind the relevant keywords and phrases to attract your target audience.

Think about your customer while writing a product description like what is the information they would most want to know?

Strategy #5: Use an attractive image

Get the best high-quality product images for customer attention. Put up as much information as you think your customer should know. Give it a punchy product description that has search terms that rank well on Amazon’s internal search so people can find it.

Ninja tip: As Amazon auto generates titles and Meta descriptions for all its listings, keeping your information concise will help your content display completely!

Try to include bullet points to your product image description which highlight your product’s main features and benefits

“Remember, adding bullet points is more important than the full product description itself because of the position it appears on the page, i.e. close to the images, price, and Add to Cart button.”

Strategy #6: Encourage Product Reviews and Ratings

You can get more than one benefit from just reviews!

Reviews are extremely important when it comes to ranking your page.

People rely heavily on reviews. It’s like getting an opinion from a family member or friend. Approx 84% of customers want to know others’ experience with your product to know if it is worth purchasing.

Products with a 4-star rating or above give the customer a feeling of satisfaction and they get sure about their purchase decision.

When people purchase your products, encourage them to leave reviews and ratings on your Amazon page. It will help you garner more positive reviews and boost your ranking.

You should never conclude a product listing on Amazon as being complete. It is something you should continuously seek to improve, optimize and try to get better results. With some background knowledge and iteration on product titles and descriptions, you can increase your Amazon ranking.

So, try optimizing your product details every then and now and experience the sales hikes!

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