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Top 10 Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon during Holiday Season 2019

Amazon seller central account servicesHoliday season with a pinch of festive vibes is the favorite season for all the shoppers. This time of the year serves the best chance for all the Amazon sellers to play their A-game and boost their sales. By just following some smart Amazon selling tips or hiring any agency that specializes in Amazon PPC optimization services, you can gain multiple times the profit as compared to the rest of the year.

Gear up and follow these tips which we have put together to psych yourself up for this holiday season. It’s time you pull up your socks amazon sellers, shopping season is here!

1) Free Shipping is a customer magnet

You can attract a lot of customers from free shipping. Don’t just provide free shipping on expensive items, but give it on books, utensils, gift cards, decorative articles or anything else similarly small. Including free shipping in the holiday season is a great way to let customers know that you are thinking of them and eventually make them attracted to your products.

2) Show off the best you have

There is a thing called Amazon product Ads and Amazon sponsored ads that let you promote your product by letting you pay per click on the ad. This is a great way to promote your products to gain a higher ranking on search results in little investment.  You can launch it on your own and if you feel like a newbie, you can take help from an Amazon marketing agency that will launch your products with the right strategy.

3) Don’t run out of stocks

You have to, have to (too much emphasis) win the Buy Box this December. One of the major factors Amazon checks before awarding the buy box is the consistency of the stock. If you almost run out of your selling items, the chances become rare of you winning a buy box. Make your inventory a little heavy in this high alert shopping season to gain maximum profits.

4) Make “BUNDLES” of joy.

Make packages or bundles of items that can work together and sell them at a discounted rate. Don’t forget to tell buyers that they can save a good amount from this deal instead of buying things individually.

5) Best Prices Give the Best Results

Changing prices according to the latest trends the whole year is important. But repricing in this season can transfer a lot of money in your pockets. Do proper research and competitor analysis on the prices and increase or decrease the rates of your products for maximizing profits

6) Get Good Reviews

Good reviews are a table turner and so are bad reviews. Naturally, we invest our money in only those products that we think are worth investing in and are already recommended by someone. We reassure ourselves for the quality of the product, and the best way we find to do it is by reviews. Bad reviews can create self-doubt in the mind of a customer and can make him think twice before clicking that “Buy Now” button. Improve your customer service and quality of products, build trust, gain good reviews and increase conversions.

7) Befriend SEO

Sharp SEO techniques can do wonders for your product impressions. Work on your SEO to get your goods visible to buyers. Organically you can increase visibility by performing proper SEO, which will give you good conversions. Also, work on your Amazon product listing and optimize it into SEO friendly listing.

8) Listen to your Sales Data.

Check your sales data for the last 2-3 years. Analyze what were the highest selling products? When was your maximum profit day? From which marketplace you earned the highest? It will draw a picture for you and will help you with your future sales strategy.

9) Heard of Lightning Deals?

Lightning deals are present on the Prime Day page or Today’s Deals page. These deals are promotions for a small duration of time.  These are loved by Amazon shoppers because one can get heavy discounts for a short amount of time.  Lightening deals can increase sales velocity and conversion rates in a short span of time. Maintain the lower price for a while because the increase in conversions can increase the visibility of your product drive more sales at a lesser price

10) Coupon codes are Trending 

Offering coupon codes and discounts to people can increase conversions. You can be different from all the sellers by using smart and effective use of special promotions and coupons. You can gain some amazing profits if done right with this masterstroke technique.

Following these amazing tips will definitely bring change to the results you have gone through the rest of the year. Understand each aspect of your product and marketplace and make a profitable and unique market strategy for this holiday season.

Hope you load your pockets with tons of orders this season. Happy Holidays!

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