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How to Review and Refine Your Amazon Keyword Strategy?

How to Review and Refine your Amazon Keyword Strategy?

A set of quality keywords contributes to a good Amazon campaign. As to set a successful play, the leads of the play need to be strong and effective, to set a successful money-making Amazon campaign, you need powerful and performance-effective Amazon keyword research. If you think you lack in setting your Amazon keyword strategy, this Amazon keyword guide is for you! Also, make sure you enlighten yourself with Top 10 tips to make money this holiday season

Keyword research is something you cannot take for granted. Still, some people do it and the result is- you know, POOR PERFORMANCE OF CAMPAIGNS!

If you use the wrong sets of keywords, you’ll only attract traffic that will not contribute to your sales in any form.

If you think your campaigns are not performing up to the mark, then maybe you need to find the right set of keywords. But how?

Learning the right methods would help you improve your campaigns and get sales! For the addition of the right keywords, first Optimize your Amazon product listing!

So, Gear up and pay attention, this information (if understood from point to point) can give you an amazing sales number!

Keywords that help your product rank better are like magic beans!

Before getting into “How to find the correct set of keywords” it is important to have proper knowledge regarding the type of keywords!

Even if you select the right keywords, choosing their match type is an important task as each ad group can have a different objective and hence can work well for a different match type!


With keyword match types, it’s your decision where to display your products and where not! Amazon Keyword match types should be selected in such a way that there is a low spent, high conversion rate and gives you an organic advantage. Match types are as follows-

  • Exact Match keywords: These are match types that allow you to show your ads when the buyer types the exact word or phrase you are bidding on.
  • Broad Match keywords: These are the least specific match types where you’ll show up for anything related to your keyword you’re bidding on.

Phrase match keywordsThese are more specific match types than Broad match type keywords where you’ll show up for close variants of your keyword you’re bidding on.


Ideally, you should take phrases that most people use often. How can you find the most searched phrases? It’s simple, with our very own search engine – GOOGLE!With consideration of the most popular phrases among people, a relatively low number of competitors for those phrases should also be considered. Hand-picking such keywords is a smart task which you’ll learn to do if you follow some basic Amazon keyword rules such as –

  • Create your initial keyword list

Try to fit yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and you will have a basic list of keyword phrases that can be used to find the products and services offered by you.

  • Take help from keyword research tools 

Taking help from various Amazon keyword tools available online actually saves time and even provides you top-performing keywords!

Some of the Amazon keyword tools you can look up to are –

  1. Google Keyword Planner – It’s Google’s Free tool which specializes in Amazon keyword research
  2. Ahref’s Site Explorer If you want to learn from successful Amazon sellers, this tool can help you gain information from them and improve your Amazon keyword research.
  3. Sonar – The sonar keyword tool utilizes complex algorithms to do Amazon keyword research by phrases used by Amazon shoppers .


  • Type into Amazon search bar and look at the keyword suggestions

Enter on the search bar and search for a query. When you do so, Amazon will suggest products and search terms that buyers popularly search for. Amazon itself is a keyword researching tool.

Search terms are an advertiser’s best friend

Search terms are hidden keywords that can help you find the right set of keywords! You can access a search term report at the account, campaign and ad group level. Search terms provide new keyword opportunities which can result in making higher profits!


After finding the top performers, it’s time to place them strategically to boost your Amazon sales. Customers will only buy your product if they see them! So, visibility is important. Effective keyword placement plays a vital role in expanding sales, which is your ultimate goal!

Add the keywords to your campaign or ad group separately after deciding the match type. Amazon backend keywords should be added continuously after proper observations! Do effective and separate Amazon keyword research for every campaign and ad group to avoid money spent.

The match type chosen plays an important role here as it will decide the visibility of your product.

Negatives are important!

The addition of negative keywords is also important in order to create an amazing  Amazon keyword strategy and to save yourself from a huge budget spent. Add terms that are not relevant to your product to negative after selecting its match type.


After adding relevant keywords from various sources mentioned above, you can also target keywords with the help of automatic and manual campaigns to get the most out of your PPC campaign!

Keep an eye on both the campaigns and constantly review their performance. Discover the top-performing keywords and renew the Amazon keyword from the campaigns and change their bids accordingly to improve targeting and lower the ad spent.

Keywords from Search term reports

Search term reports serve as a gold mine as you can literally dig the most searched keywords from here and test them as your keywords.

What you have to do is-

  1. Find Reports in the navigation bar and select Advertising reports from the menu that appears
  2. Select campaign type and type of advertising report
  3. Click create a report by mentioning the date periods and download the excel report file.

    The downloaded report will include-

  • Keyword targeting
  • Keyword Match Type
  • The customer search term used
  • Sales and conversion rate for that term during a specified period
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Impressions
  • CPC
  • Spend

Your search term report will act as a keyword research tool and will help you discover the terms that convert the best. See if a keyword is well-converting and increase it’s bid to make it rank on a higher position. Also, the chances for shoppers to buy it increases!

Keeping an eye on the search term reports will definitely refine your Amazon keyword strategy.

Each time a shopper clicks on your product listing adds it to his cart and buys it, the relevance of the product for the keyword increases. This makes a positive impact on organic search positioning. This makes PPC a sort of push to increase the organic ranking results – results where you’ll not have to pay for every click made. Track the organic ranking of the top-performing keyword, to keep an eye on the search position of the keyword.

Proper optimization and analysis can make you earn ALOT of money!


Follow these above Amazon keywords guide to get the most out of your PPC campaign and Amazon keyword strategy.

Right, Amazon keyword strategy can make a strong base for your Amazon campaign.

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