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How to improve your click-through rates on Amazon advertising campaigns?

How to improve your click-through rates on Amazon advertising campaigns?

 Click through rates or Amazon PPC click-through rate is one of the major metrics to check the performance of your sponsored ads. High CTR is a small step towards the conversion goals you always dreamt of. Low CTRs on Amazon is similar to selling your products on the busiest markets of the city and still getting no sales! Why? Well, you might be selling shoes where people just want to buy hamburgers.

In words of an Amazon Seller Central specialist, you are attracting the wrong audience and simultaneously missing out the potential customers and also, huge profits.

Dealing with the wrong audience is a big reason for the Amazon conversion rate, but it is not the only one. There can be several logics for your low performing PPC Campaigns, but you can do some basic changes in your sponsored ads campaign and attain a higher Amazon PPC click-through rate.

Go through these “8 Smart Ways to Increase your Amazon PPC Click-Through Rates” so that you can get boost your sales and get higher CTRs.

1. Use Of Relevant Keywords

 Always focus on the most relevant keywords when you make your Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Campaigns. Download the data reports and go through the search terms thoroughly and analyze which keywords have fewer clicks and higher impressions to improve amazon CTR. These keywords may be too broad for your products, and they might be inviting a lot of unwanted audiences, so you must deduce these keywords. Use exact match type and phrase match type to narrow down your audience and improve your Amazon click through rates. The bottom line is, you can archive the less effective keywords and put more budget in those keywords which attract the appropriate audience.

 2. Make Manual campaigns through Auto Campaigns

 Auto campaigns can be so beneficial when it comes to doing Amazon keyword research. Take the highest performing keywords (which are identified by Amazon) and cut the ones with low CTRs. By just going through the search terms, you can look into a customer’s mind, and understand what they are looking for. You can use these terms and run ads targeting these keywords. Let the auto campaign run for a while (for 20-25 days) and then go deep down into your search for the appropriate keyword match and to have a good amazon conversion rate.

You can also try to experiment with the different keywords type-exact, phrase, and broad matches. For bringing quality traffic, you can add keywords in exact or phrase match which are relevant but have low amazon ads click-through rate in a broad category. This technique really works in bringing potential customers. Don’t always go only with exact, phrase or broad. Go with the combination of all three and see what works best for you

3. Add negative keywords

 Negative Keywords can save you from a lot of unwanted clicks. It lets you focus on the highly targeted traffic and reduce the irrelevancy. If negative keywords are added the right way, it can improve your Amazon conversion rate. Keywords with higher impressions and lower click-through rates can be added in the negative category to improve amazon CTR.

Find keywords that did not give you any sales, and add them into the negative category as an exact match to reduce the unwanted clicks. 

In 2-3 months, check the negative keywords, to check for any change in the search trend.

4. Test headlines and Product Images

The experiment is the only way to know what will work for you and what gives you a high Amazon conversion rate. For Amazon sponsored ads, use different headlines with different keywords and analyze the results. Use top-performing keywords and attractive language to attract shoppers to come on the product pages.

Use relevant and different keywords in 2 headlines and then analyze what keywords are best suited for you.

You can also use a variety of product images and with different backgrounds to see what attracts the customer’s eye. You can highlight the product’s USP or you can use lifestyle images and use the one which gives the highest amazon PPC conversion rates.

5. Optimize the product listing.

Correct title and concise description will fetch you the right search terms in an auto campaign. From a successful auto campaign, you can make another successful manual campaign and can get improved amazon ads click-through rate. It will also help you rank higher in organic searches.

Even for a customer point of view, if the product is not properly described and if the special features are not highlighted, then the product is less likely to get converted.

Use the bullet point feature to the best, because it can get you a lot of customers.

6. Be Amazon’s choice

If you become Amazon’s Best Seller, people will trust you like anything. People look for social proof when they shop online and when you give them one, you are considered to be the winner in highly competitive categories.

The Amazon badge attracts the customer’s eye and compels people to go through the product listing once and this eventually increases Amazon PPC conversion rates and also improves amazon CTR.

 7. Boost Positive Reviews

 Reviews can turn out to be a catalyst in the process of buying your product. A good review can portray you a lot better in the customer’s eyes. It builds brand trust and no one can beat a word-of-mouth recommendation.

Engage with customers, give replacements, and respond to their queries to yield genuine good reviews. Do bear high advertising costs (if you can) for good reviews. Ideally, you must have more than a 4-star rating to gain audience trust.

A product page full of negative reviews has little to zero chance of getting converted.  Deal with the negative reviews first and then proceed to change the others.

 8. Optimize Your Price

 Price can be a game-changer when we talk in terms of online sales. Do market research before and come up with a competitive price. Your price must tempt customers to click on your sponsored product ads. Few cents can make a big difference in the conversion rates, and we all know the dynamics of the figure “99” and how it makes a huge impact on the customer’s mind. 








Conclusive Thoughts
Amazon ads Click-through rates should not be ignored at all when working on Amazon seller central. It can give you so many insights about little aspects of your Amazon sponsored product ads and Amazon sponsored brand ads. You must take measures to change some faulty features of your ads and gain a humongous amount of profits.

Following little instructions can result in increased Amazon click-through rates and higher amazon conversion rates – which will have a huge influence on your e-commerce business and definitely result in improving Amazon CTR.








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