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How to Improve Amazon Product Ranking

How to improve your product performance on Amazon?

Do you want a high product ranking on Amazon?

I’m willing to bet the answer is yes – we all do!

But, what makes an excellent product? Is it its price? Or simply packaging?

What all does it takes to rank your products on the top of the search page, leaving all the competitor products behind?

Well, it’s never just one or two things; there are several things that should be taken care of if you’re dreaming of delivering a perfect product.

From increasing your product visibility to smartly putting offers, this guide is all you need right now to pack an awesome product and learn the essential Amazon product ranking tactics.

Improve your product performance metrics on Amazon by discovering correct ways to quickly rank your product #1 in Amazon search results.

Getting your Amazon listings is just phase one, getting your potential buyers to buy YOUR product is the real deal!

We’ve rounded up six proven strategies to help you improve Amazon product ranking because you should get the exposure you deserve.


We all know that Amazon’s search algorithm is a little different than Google’s algorithm. When a customer searches for a specific product, the A9 algorithm makes sure that the customer gets the most relevant result for their queries.

The algorithm considers keywords and decides how products are ranked in searched results. Know the Amazon keyword strategies in order to increase Amazon sales.

Apart from keywords, Amazon puts a strong emphasis on sales conversions. It will rank listings with a strong sales history and high CTR. 

Be sure you add relevant keywords for your products to rank them better and keep an eye on which keyword works best for your product.

Consider-Ranking high for a lower volume searches can be more advantageous than a lower ranking on a higher volume search term.

Achieving a strong sales conversion will no longer be a dream if you follow the right practices to do it!

Be cool, Amazon’s algorithm is much simpler to crack!

You can use MerchantWords Keyword Tool to estimate Amazon product search volume and other details for keywords.


In this race of ranking your product on top, make sure your product is eligible to win the buy box — the box on a product detail page where shoppers can start their purchase. Ideally, products in your campaigns should win the Buy Box at least 90% of the time.

Not all sellers are eligible to win the buy box!

Thanks to Amazon’s customer-obsessed approach, only sellers with incredible seller metrics stands a chance to win this box.


82% of Amazon sales go through the buy box, and the percentage is even higher for mobile purchases.

What makes you eligible for Buy Box?

If you have the bellow 5 things, congrats, you are buy box eligible!

  1. A professional seller account.
  2. Brand new items
  3. Buy Box eligibility status
  4. Availability
  5. Achieve high-performance metrics

You won’t win the buy box quickly, so RELAX!

Let time take its course and focus on the important metrics.

Customers who shop on Amazon using their mobile phones can be your fastest conversions as no “other sellers” option appears on Amazon’s mobile app.


Your Product price is not the ONLY factor which has a huge contribution to get you to win the buy box, some experts say – it’s the MOST important one! 

Be competitive as well as thoughtful when it comes to offering a price.

It is common that a product with a higher price wins the buy box and the product with lower price loses as they maintain better performance metrics and maintains a good Amazon click-through-rate when it comes to availability and shipment.

The product price remains the most influential factor in 65% of Amazon conversions.

With Amazon’s changing nature, working with an experienced partner make a success story.

Boost your chances of getting conversions by pricing strongly and competitively.


Make sure you don’t run out of stock as product availability is MUST! You have to be in the game in order to win it, don’t you agree? 

If a customer is interested in your product and the product listing page shows “SOLD OUT”, it will be a painful situation!

Avoid such situations by keeping an eye on your stock’s availability!

If your inventory is low, it will display the count of how many items are available. So, keeping an eye on it is an essential factor.

Keep your FBA inventory stocked.

Don’t become passive in your inventory management as it may lead your business to decrement. Look out what ASINs to stock or restock. A successful seller is one who is deeply familiar with their inventory needs, even if Amazon is handling its fulfillment.

You should avoid both the extreme conditions – Overstocking and understocking. One will make your Amazon funds high and former will lead you to a sale loss and dreaded stockouts.


Remember who clicks on your ad will be taken to a product detailed page and having a strong product title and description can increase your chances of conversions. 

The title is the first thing you want to tackle. Add all the relevant details as required which is eye-pleasing and at the same time carries necessary keywords.

Try to add product enhancing words to make your product appealing to the customers.

Amazon recommends including-

  • Product 
  • Brand
  • Color
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Material

You should understand the difference between overstuffed and appropriately stuffed.

The latter is appealing to the eyes and takes fewer efforts to read.

Pay attention to your product images as they play an important role. High-quality images are recommended which are at least 1000 pixels either in height or width.

Add several professional high-resolution images to highlight your product and bring its use to life.

 Try out different image tactics to see which image works best for your product. 

High-quality images may improve your search engine rankings and hence Amazon sales!


Customer reviews and ratings are of huge importance because let’s face it! Do you buy any product without seeing it’s rating or reviews?

We don’t even watch a movie if it has negative reviews! 

Hence making a strong point, if you have a five-star customer rating, there are chances your product will be considered by a lot of people or potential customers.

Positive reviews give customers a level of satisfaction and trust in buying your product. 

Aim for products having more than 3.5 ratings, and at least 15 customer reviews.

Customers love online reviews!  

Amazon is wise with its reviews and that is the reason people trust it to that extent.

Many merchants need help to pick the most appropriate products for sales. This decision can be overwhelming for merchants having years of experience. To bring order to this process, many merchants track their reviews for deeper insights.

 If you look at Amazon’s full directory of products, you’ll see several subcategories. At the product level, each item is given an “Amazon Best Sellers Rank” within the subcategory. Sellers can analyze reviews and gain valuable insights into customer preferences and concerns. 

It is important to understand the psychology of customer reviews in order to win a buy box and generate sales.

Now you know what it takes to improve your Amazon product ranking. Keep in mind all the key points and you are all set to achieve heights with your Amazon product listings.


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