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how to win buy box on amazon

Amazon buy box, available on the top right section on the product page is considered an important factor for driving conversions for your Amazon business.

It’s of vital importance for Amazon sellers to have an understanding of “what is a buy box?” and “How to win the buy box on Amazon?”

Amazon platform enables multiple sellers to offer the same product on a single detailed page i.e. there is no limit on the number of sellers or the number of products they can offer!

Each seller competes for the maximum amount of sales for which they should get a placement in Amazon buy box.

On every detailed page, the customer has 3 options for finding the product options they want to buy-

  • The buy box
  • The other sellers on amazon box
  • The used and new link

    Aligning with Amazon’s customer-obsessed principles, Amazon tries to give the customer the best product that values their money. You should have a good performance history and hence powerful Amazon bid strategies in order to make yourself a buy-box winner. There are several other factors that can impact your buy box win, we will explore these impacts deeply in this guide later.

Let us first understand the concept of the buy box and why is it important?



The white box that appears on the top right corner of your Amazon product page is your Amazon buy box.

Since there are so many people selling on Amazon, there is a competition to win the buy box among the sellers.

Winning a buy box simply means that your product was selected for buy box placement. For that, you need to be aware of your Amazon Product Ranking strategies.

When you win a buy box placement, your products can be directly added to the cart by your potential customers which can serve as an advantage over your competitors.

Over 80% of sales come from the buy box.

The buy box features one offer in time in new condition. For many sellers buy box placement has led to increasing sales

Before you compete to win the buy box, you have to become a buy box, eligible seller.

Now, what factors make you buy box eligible?

Well, there is no fixed formula to land in- or win-the Buy Box rotation, but you need to fulfill these minimum 7 needs in order to be in the race-

1.  A professional seller account-

Only sellers who have purchased a Professional Seller Account are eligible for winning the Buy Box.

2.  Less Order Defect Ratio-

If you have a less order defect ratio, your chances are high to win the Buy Box race.

3. Feedback score-

If you have provided your customers with the good shopping experience, then you deserve to be rated with 5-star reviews. These good ratings make you Buy Box eligible.

4. Shipping Options-

Provide your customers with alternate shipping options and sometimes “Free Shipping” to be a part of the game. Shipping has a high impact on the Buy Box. Hence, delivering your products efficiently is crucial for online business success.

5. Sufficient Order Volume-

This is the most important factor as if your inventory is empty, nothing really makes sense. Without stock availability, the Buy Box will simply rotate to another seller.

6. Valid Tracking rate-

Valid Tracking Rate is the percentage of deliveries sent with full tracking information.

7. Cancellation and Refund rate-

If you have ever canceled an order for a customer who orders often then it can have a negative impact on your reviews and performance.

Other than these seven essential factors, Amazon calculates your performance metrics and compares it with your competitors. Hence you should have good performance metrics if you have some experience on selling on Amazon before. Performance metrics include your time and experience of selling on Amazon, 24/7 customer services, speed of delivery, etc. Your Amazon Product Launch should be done correctly in order to have good performance metrics.

NOTE- Buy Box eligibility varies by categories and some categories such as books do not offer buy box eligibility.

Once you are eligible for Amazon buy box, your offers can compete for buy box placements which will enhance your sales conversions eventually!

To see which of your offers are eligible for buy box-

  • Navigate the manage inventory page and click preferences

  • Check the box next to buy box eligible and then click save changes at the bottom of the page.

  • You will now see the word “yes” in the new buy box column next to every eligible offer.

    That is how you can check your product eligibility on your Amazon Seller Central account.


    Now that you know how buy box works, here are some tips that can help you win buy box on Amazon!

Remember -You will not win the buy box quickly unless you have a new product and you are the only seller.

So, just follow a few key steps to try winning the Amazon Buy Box.

#1.  Keep your Prices Competitive-

Although, you need a competitive price to win the Buy Box, the lowest bidder is no longer the winner.Aim to price your products within 2-4% of the current Buy Box price. If there are other sellers selling the same products on Amazon, price 1-2% below at first to be ahead in the game.

It’s always good to explore what your competitors are offering!

NOTE-Other Seller’s Box cannot be seen on Amazon’s mobile application which can be seen on Amazon’s desktop view!







One way of keeping an eye on the competition is as follows-

  • Click preferences on manage inventory page
  • Check the box next to buy box price and click save at the bottom of the page
  • You’ll see the price of the offer that’s currently winning the buy box even if it isn’t YOURS!
  • Click on view pricing dashboard under the pricing tab in seller central to see how your prices compare with other offers

    Amazon ensures that their customers always pay the most reasonable price while receiving the greatest services.


#2. Keep Stock Available-

An obvious one but if you don’t have an item in stock, you can’t win the Buy Box with the exception of a back-ordered item. 

Keep an eye on your stock availability and plan accordingly for the items that sell quickly.

Did you know?

Selling coach low inventory alerts let you know in real time when it’s time to stock up right on seller central home page.

Make a visit to seller coach and check for yourself!


#3. Offer Multiple Shipping Options-

Offering multiple shipping options can be a plus point for your Amazon sales. Try to provide your customers with NO SHIPPING CHARGES if you can!

Giving your customers a choice for shipment makes it convenient for them to buy your product!


#4. Offer great customer service-

Excelling in all areas of customer service can lead to good ratings and reviews and even increase sales.

How to keep an eye on your customer satisfaction metrics?

Here’s how!

The account Health page accessed from the home page of seller central will help you stay up to date on your customer satisfaction metrics and it will help u discover areas for improvement.


#5. Be an FBA-

Amazon considers its own fulfillment service superior than fulfillment by merchants.

It is considered as one of the most important factors to buy Amazon buy box. 

If you are the only seller with FBA for a particular ASIN, other merchant-fulfilled offers will need to significantly beat you on price and have very high-performance scores.

Amazon gives the Buy Box to FBA sellers over merchant fulfilled sellers.


Hope you are now aware of appropriate methods to create a compelling product detail page and achieve prominent placement for your offers!

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