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 Rank your products organically on Amazon


People scrolling Amazon basically has one goal- SHOPPING!

Now, the question is, are you going to be that seller whose product they buy?

For more customer visibility, it is important that your products rank high on the Amazon search page and for that, you need to have killer Amazon Seo Strategy.

This is an ultimate step-by-step guide to Amazon Product SEO and Amazon Search Optimization in 2020.

A guide that not only explains how Amazon’s search engine work, but the specific methods and tools that can be used to rank your products on Amazon.

So, let’s get started!


Amazon’s search algorithm (A9) is an algorithm that Amazon uses for its product search. A9 manages searches and advertising technologies that are scalable, highly available, and cross-platform for Amazon.

Amazon A9 recommends the best of options to Amazon customers by using the data from hundreds and thousands of queries that people have already made.

It makes sure that Amazon customers get what they are looking for. The recommendations that appear in Amazon’s little search box are based on –

  • Customer’s shopping preferences
  • Customer’s past purchases

Of course, relevance and performance of products are also integral factors on which Amazon A9 algorithm shows results.

If you optimize your Amazon Product Listing well, your chances for sales and conversions increases.

According to Amazon,

“Customers must be able to find your products before they can buy your products. Search is the primary way that customers use to locate products on Amazon.”
If you want people to click and buy your product, it’s important that they first see your product. For that, you must work according to Amazon A9 search algorithm.

Amazon’s A9 Algorithm is much simpler to crack than Google’s Algorithm!

If you optimize your Product listings well and add relevant keywords in the title (keeping in mind the customer’s search terms), your products will definitely be shown on top for customer’s search terms.
There are basically two key points that should be kept in mind to work according to the Amazon A9 algorithm-

Competitor Analysis-

Who else is selling the same products as you? Are their products better? If yes, then how can you compete with them? These are all the questions that should ask yourself in order to bring an improvement to your product’s listings and price. By knowing your competitors, you will understand the time it would take you to rank your product on page 1.

Market Analysis-

Are people interested in buying the niche of products that you are selling? How much competitive is the market? How much required are your products? Know the product demands because if you are selling Apples in a world where people demand Bananas, no matter how much effort you put in, your product will turn out to be a flop.


Apart from paying attention to Amazon A9 algorithm, there are several other factors that can help you rank your products on Amazon.

1.   Improve your Product’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank-

Amazon BSR is a score that is generated by Amazon to every specific product by measuring the product’s sales and historic data.

You can find Amazon BSR on multiple pages, including a main Best Sellings Product Page, a product’s detail page, and on a category-level Best Selling Products page. Bestsellers vary according to different categories.

For instance, if you want to see the best sellers in Toys and Games, the page will appear as-
amazon best sellers

Try to make your Amazon Product eligible for Amazon Best Seller Rank for it to be a success.

Though the Amazon BSR depends on historic data, you might see a recently launched product rank higher than a product released a year ago. This difference in score occurs because of Amazon A9 Algorithm’s predictive abilities that weigh the potential success of the new product. It predicts if the new product can surpass the older one.

 Did you know?

You can change your Amazon BSR with the help of several Amazon seller tools such as MerchantWords, Rank Tracer and Sonar! 

2. Utilizing Two-Way URL-

Amazon creates a Two-way URL or super URL when someone searches for a particular keyword while buying products.

Two-way URL or Super URL are suggested to use in blog posts, social media mentions, YouTube videos, giveaways, and all the other places you can think of!

It’s much beneficial practice to make people directly reach to the product instead of your product page.
For example- You can use this URL in any of the social media platforms and it will make Amazon believe that you have searched for the keyword and then clicked on the listing.
COPY THE TWO WAY URL                                                                                                                                                                                                        

3. Use Backend Keywords-

Amazon backend keywords are “hidden” keywords that are used at the backend section of your Amazon Seller Account.
Backend keywords

They help Amazon A9 Algorithm in finding out a particular targeted keyword for a specific product listing.

If you are looking for Amazon Search Optimization, think of these Amazon backend keywords as Meta tags that will tell Google what your website is about.

Amazon backend keywords are not physically visible to those viewing any Amazon Page but they influence your Amazon product ranking organically.

How to get best Amazon Backend Keywords for your Amazon Listing?

Well, you have to dig in deep!

Vast keyword research is required to analyse the best fit for a particular product’s backend keyword.

There are many free and paid tools available online that can help you out with your backend keyword research such as-

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • AMZtracker
  • Ubersuggest
  • Freshkey

Some of these paid tools have a particular trial period for which you can use them for free. So, if it’s your first time searching Amazon backend keywords, you can totally try these paid versions!

4. Write a Well Formatted Title and Description section.

Your product’s title is the first thing any customer sees while searching for a product and the most important part of Amazon SEO.

Titles in organic results typically have between 115-144 characters depending on the product/category.

Make sure you add the most relevant keywords in your product title which includes-

  • Your brand name (For obvious reasons)
  • The USP of your product
  • Colour
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Material

Avoid stuffing your title with keywords as it may harm your Amazon Product rankings.

Your Product Description and bullet points are the second most important thing to grab customer’s attention.

You get a chance to be as detailed as you can and describe every little benefit your product can provide. You need to include your most relevant keywords here too.

Try to make a copy which is readable, convincing and doesn’t look fake or copied with a strong call to action.

Bullet points make it easy to read, hence make them short and sweet with relevant keywords addition. These points include crucial information like ingredients used or dimensions.

See what your competitors have mentioned about their products and make sure you have more thorough information than them.

Statistics prove that having 5 bullet points work the best!

5. Optimize your Product Price-

What you charge for your products definitely has an impact on your conversion rate. If your competitors are charging less than you, there are chances that their conversion rate will be higher.

Hence, price accordingly!

Analyse what your competitors are offering and offer according to that.

There is no point in charging insanely for a product that is available at a lower price.
Always pay attention to the prices you offer to make a strong Amazon Seo Strategy.

6. Get Amazon Product Reviews-

Amazon Product Reviews are very important in order to gain customer trust. If you want to expand your Amazon business, you should have at least a 3-star rating on your Products.

How to get Amazon Product reviews?

Some GENUINE services by Amazon to increase your Amazon Product Reviews –

  1. Enrol in Amazon Early Reviewer Program
  2. Product Inserts(surprise your customers)
  3. Ask Seller Feedback Reviewers for Product Reviews
  4. Get in Touch With Buyers You’ve Provided Customer Support To
  5. Use Amazon Feedback Software

Read in detail about How to get Amazon reviews legally?”


Amazon SEO isn’t that difficult if you pay attention to all the above-described points. The more thorough you are with every little detail, the more positive impact it brings.

From an A+ content for title and description to clear imagery, everything contributes in improving your Amazon SEO.

If you still need some help for ranking your Products organically on Amazon, WE ARE HERE!

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