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Tips to Increase Amazon Sales using Google Shopping Ads


If you are an Amazon seller looking for interesting ways to increase your Amazon sales, you have come to the right place!

Most Amazon sellers just focus on Amazon when it comes to selling products. Well, if you are one of those sellers, you are missing a huge opportunity- GOOGLE ADS!

Running Google ads for Amazon products is an effective way to promote your products and increase conversion and retention. Though Google ads are for Google shoppers, they can be used to give a good shopping experience to your Amazon customers.


There is no denying that creating Google Shopping Ads for Amazon products result in an increased sales number.

That’s because Customers rely on Google for their purchase decisions.

customers mostly rely on google for their purchase decision

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Clearly, Google dominates all the other online sites in terms of finding products and making a purchase decision.

If you want to buy, say, “Boots”, the first thing you’ll do is search for your desired boots on Google. Google will show you a bunch of product images with price, seller’s name and other details such as shipping information. These are Google shopping ads designed to showcase and promote products. They allow buyers to preview products before clicking on ads and visiting websites.

Some of you may remember these Ads as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), which are now called Google shopping Ads (After 2013). Both terms refer to Google shopping in its current form.  

One very important requirement for running Google Ads for Amazon sellers is that you should have your own website, which means you cannot use Amazon listing pages.

You should have an eCommerce website with Add to cart and checkout features!

For fulfillment purposes, Amazon has it all covered for you. A large number of non-Amazon orders are fulfilled directly by Amazon through Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF).

Still concerned about fulfillment?

You could simply add “Buy on Amazon” on your website.

For getting more information about Google shopping Ads visit- Click Here!


Like any paid search Ad, Google shopping Ads are pay per click (PPC) where advertisers are charged every time their ads are clicked. After clicking on the ad, the visitor or potential customer is taken to the advertisers website page or landing page.

Though Google retains most of the control on the information that is provided in the merchant center by the advertiser, enhancements available on shopping ads can be showcased by advertisers. Some of the enhancement features are:

  • Promotional offers (special offers)
  • Google Customer Reviews Badge
  • Seller ratings
  • Product ratings

Running Google shopping ads for amazon products have several benefits including-

  • Better communication It helps sellers to directly communicate with customers, which allows the sellers to meet the needs of their customers. Best products are a result of customer satisfaction!
  • Retargeting –  Average rate of cart abandonment is 60%-80%. Retargeting those potential customers can give your sales a boost.
  • Visibility Getting your products a prime position on the Google search page is very important. Proper optimization of Google ads can give you customer visibility and hence more conversions.

You see, your product should be discovered to be bought!

  • Email Marketing Setting a proper email marketing program helps gain customer trust and return purchases
  • Analytics- Google analytics allows a better understanding of customer wants and desires.
    As you can see, Google shopping ads offer tons of benefits to Amazon sellers. But how to make sure that your product gets the prime position? Let’s check it out!


Proper optimization of your Google Ads is of great importance to have the most out of your Google Ads for Amazon products.

Here are six hacks that can save you money and make your Amazon sales grow through Google shopping Ads-

1.  A well-optimized website– 

Make sure you have a well-optimized content on your website. Accurate titles and descriptions play a very important role in product discovery. Make sure you add relevant keywords to your title for the customers to discover them.

If you own a brand, select keywords with good search volumes so that people can actually stumble on your product via Google shopping.

                                                                                                                       Unique and descriptive content helps the customers to understand your product and eventually buy it. So be particular with what you write on every product page of your website. Avoid copying content as it can harm your brand!

2. Addition of relevant keywords

Add keywords that are relevant to your products and what the customers search for the most.

Don’t forget to add the negative keywords into each one of your Google shopping campaigns. Negative keywords save money and increase campaign performance.

3.  Feed creation and optimization-

With a well-written title and description with relevant keywords, a high-quality image is mandatory. Your product image is what will attract customers to buy products. Hence, make sure you upload a high-quality product image in every angle possible.

There is always room for improvement!

Hence, optimize your Feed creations in every 2-3 days to get better results. You cannot imagine what works best for you!

4. Bidding Accurately-

You should have a bulletproof bidding strategy for each and every product you own based on your profit margins. Test your keywords at different bids and see what keyword gives you the best conversion rate. You can bid high on that particular keyword!

5. Adjust Mobile bids-

You can reduce your mobile bids for better performing campaigns. Go to “settings” and then “devices” to reduce your mobile bids. Select the percentage by which you want to reduce your mobile bid.

Running Google ads for Amazon products will definitely give you an increase in your sales if done properly. Pay more emphasis on optimization and still if you have some issues in setting a successful Google shopping Ad, we are here to help you with the best!


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