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How to boost your initial Amazon sales through social media in 2020?

Being an Amazon seller means, you’ll have to face complexities. A LOT OF COMPLEXITIES!

With Amazon’s changing nature and increasing competition, it has become difficult to drive traffic to Amazon listings and become a top seller.

Every brand, big or small, needs to connect with their customers to increase their brand popularity as well as enlighten them with new products and offers.

Considering that an individual spends an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms, social media has the power to give your brand and deals visibility.

In this post, you’ll learn the most effective amazon social media strategies to increase amazon sales with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube marketing.


The days of simple SEO are long gone and the one area which has become highly popular in terms of selling products is Social Media. If you already promote your Amazon products on social media, THAT’S GREAT!
But if not, it’s time to start utilizing the social media platform for your Amazon product advertising.
Before kick-starting your social media promotions for your Amazon products, you need to create a proper social media strategy. Otherwise, you can end up wasting advertising dollars and hurting your Amazon Product Listing.

Some of the benefits that social media offers to Amazon sellers-

  • Extend reach and Brand awareness –
    Suppose you are launching a new product in your Amazon listing, you can create a buzz about the new product on social media platforms by writing about it or sharing a video about its uses.
  • Provides cost-effective ways to advertise – Take advantage of the low-costing advertising features that social media offers and promote your brand cost-effectively.
  • It helps you collect customer data –
    Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to acquire personal data. This can make it challenging to retarget customers. To foster a long-term relationship with your customers, you need a subscriber list that is when social media comes to the limelight. With your social media posts and blogs, you can acquire some customer information to keep them updated about your offer and deals.
  • Convert a higher percentage of sales –
    When you advertise your products at a platform where you can target a narrow range of interested customers, your chances of sales increase. 
  • Interact with customers
    Scheduling relevant posts and creating valuable content makes your customers updated about your sale and discount offers. Social media gives you the advantage of interacting with customers. Asking them to leave feedback through comments and messages can actually help you improve your product.

3 Social media platforms that can have a great impact on your Amazon Sales-

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

You see, every social media platform has its own relevant list of strategies that are to be used for brand awareness and product promotion.

Let’s dig in and learn the most prominent ways to advertise Amazon products on these three social media platforms.

NOTE-Two-way URL or Super URL are suggested to use in blog posts, social media mentions, YouTube videos, giveaways, and all the other places you can think of!

It’s much beneficial practice to make people directly reach the product instead of your product page and it also helps in improving your Product Rank Organically. 


Being a micro-blogging service, Twitter allows its users to post “Tweets” up to 280 characters.

Twitter has more than 330 million active monthly users and supports over 40 languages, think how great it would be to advertise your product somewhere you know it’ll definitely get discovered. 

Twitter can be used to launch a new product, offer deals and discounts to your customers and build brand loyalty.

Now that you know how influential Twitter as a social media platform is, it’s time to learn a few tactics to deliver a successful tweet.

Tactics on how to promote your Amazon products on twitter

  • Examine your Tweet structure 

A small research on how to tweet and what works for twitter audience shows that shorter tweets gain attention easily as they are easy to read and understand.

How to write a good tweet-

“Few words, followed by a link and hashtags”


                                            The ideal number of hashtags to use in your tweets is 2 which makes it easy to read and gives you the necessary promotion.

Recommended- Add a photo to get more attention!

A high-quality image can be a treat to eyes. Try to make an image that describes your tweet and is good to look at.

  • Use relevant hashtags  

Suppose you are promoting shoes, let twitter give you popular suggestions for hashtags.





                                                                                                                                                                          Hashtags let people discover you, so when you use a popular hashtag, you can come in the trending hashtags post which will give you an additional cover.

The more YOU GET retweeted on that hashtag, the more authority you get per hashtags

Observe- People with authoritative accounts have their tweets stay longer!

  • Automate your Tweets 
    If you’re serious about your Twitter marketing, it’s a good idea to invest in an automation tool.
    You can use a tool called “Socialoomph”, it’s not free, just some bucks per month!
    With this tool, you can preload all your tweets and schedule your tweets on the perfect timings for better exposure.


With 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most prominent platform to advertise your Amazon products on . Once you set your YouTube channel and start making videos for your Amazon product sales, you can make money on Amazon with few Tactics in mind-

  • Optimize Title and Description 

Make sure you add the relevant keywords for which you want your video to rank, in both title and description of your YouTube video. 

Pick keywords that directly relate to your product sales and try to rank for them

  • Share Link on other Platforms 
    Once you are done uploading your video on YouTube, don’t wait for people to come and view your video. Video Promotion is essential in order to make money on Amazon using YouTube.

Start sharing your YouTube video links on Facebook, twitter as well as Instagram to give the extra visibility to your video and product.

  • Call to action 
    Describe your call to action with your Amazon Product link. “Get your product here” or “Buy here now” are some of the most commonly used YouTube call to action.

Don’t expect tremendous sales at first, if you create multiple videos, and successfully get multiple views on your videos, it will definitely promote your Amazon product sales.


Facebook with 2.37 billion monthly active users offers brands selling on Amazon, a powerful channel to show their products to a targeted audience and increase the visibility and sales of their products on Amazon itself. 

It’s extremely easy to sell items through Amazon, you just need to consider little details at all times-

  • Run Facebook Ads with the direct link to Amazon 

Facebook Ad is a great way of paid promotion. With a little budget, you can get wonderful results. It’s always better to link your Amazon listing page to the Facebook ads and if you do so, make sure you mention in your Ad copy that you are selling via Amazon because Users don’t want to click an ad that they think is directing them to your site, only to find themselves on a contextless Amazon page.

Secondly, avoid using Amazon logo in your Ad image. It’s a violation of both Facebook and Amazon’s various trademark usage policies.

  • Join existing groups for selling Amazon product on Amazon 

There are several groups on Facebook to make people about the products you are selling, you’ll be surprised how much more traffic you can pull towards your Amazon store.

You can ask the group admin to post your product and then mention them in your update, it’s like a secret hack to boost your Amazon sales.







                                                                                                                                                You can also go to buy and sell groups and advertise your products there!

People in such groups are either sellers or interested customers. Just pay attention to the group country. Target the groups which are for the countries that you deliver in.

Suppose you are a seller in UK, you don’t want to target groups that have Indian members (It’s different if you ship your products to India)

  • Import your online store to Facebook page 

Facebook business pages are a great way to connect with the audience and promote your products and events.

You can directly link your e-commerce page on your Facebook page with the StoreYa app for Facebook.

Social media can be a powerful source to drive traffic to your Amazon store and generate sales, so don’t miss out on the latest features today’s social platforms have to offer.

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