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why is nfc mobile application important for business industries?

You might have come across the NFC feature when you scroll down your mobile phone’s notification bar.

What is NFC and why is it considered an essential feature for any mobile device?

Well, you’ll get to know everything about NFC and NFC mobile application, just keep reading!




Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless technology that allows phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices to easily share data with other NFC-equipped devices by enabling simple and secure communication between them.

The two electronic devices should be close to each other (officially up to 4cm apart, but in practice, it can be up to 10cm).

NFC uses electromagnetic radiations to transmit information between two devices, i.e. beacons or RFID tags and helps users to carry out a transaction with more ease and less hassle.

Just as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it can be used for-

  • Longer range communication.
  • Transferring larger amounts of data.
  • Establishing a peer-to-peer network to exchange data.

However, NFC is quicker to set up, requires less power and provides more security than Bluetooth.

Does your phone have NFC?

NFC is more or less, available on every high-end phone out there except some mid-range and entry-level handsets.

Every iPhone since the iPhone 6 and every device running on Android 8.0 or later is NFC-enabled!

Some mobile devices have the letter “N” printed on their backsides (such as Sony Xperia handsets), indicating that they are NFC-enabled and some have “Near Field Communication” printed on their batteries (such as Samsung handsets).

                                                                                                      You can also check your phone’s settings to see if you have NFC on your android phone! 

How to activate NFC?

If your smartphone has NFC, see how to turn it ON and OFF.
Search for NFC in your smartphone’s settings, if your phone has NFC then it will appear in the search results.
It is usually found in the Wireless & networks category, or somewhere beneath Bluetooth.







                                               NFC USES IN SMARTPHONES-
Apart from the above mentioned NFC uses, there are tons of NFC uses that make it a valuable technology for your android smartphone, such as-
1. Share Content With Other Android Devices through NFC-
Android allows you to transfer large files between devices using the Android Beam file transfer feature.
You can share content directly from your device’s screen to another device by bringing the devices together (usually, back to back). For example, share a photo after it’s snapped, or exchange contact information at a networking event without having to search for a pen.

2  Mobile Payments with NFC-
The NFC-oriented wallet payment system was introduced by Google. This payment system enabled users to carry out payments at local retail stores with a few clicks on their smartphones.
Various payment options can be developed with the help of NFC which can make the process of paying much easier for customers.

3.  Internet password sharing with NFC-
Wi-Fi passwords can be complicated with numbers and special characters in them, which makes it difficult to share verbally. NFC tag can make it easier. All you need to do is download InstaWifi and simply scan the NFC tag, and anyone you want can get logged into your network.

4. Wake up early with your NFC-enabled smartphones-
If getting up early seems a big task, then you are lucky that you have an NFC-enabled smartphone!
All you need to do is place the NFC tag at a distance from your bed, maybe a bathroom or kitchen. Now when your alarm rings, you have to get out of your bed to stop the ringing alarm by scanning that NFC tag.


5. Drive safely with NFC tags-
You can set up an NFC tag to perform any set of actions that suits you like turn Wi-Fi off, turn Bluetooth on, and open Waze, etc.

When you enter your car, just get your “Driving mode” open and use Trigger to set up multiple stacked actions on an NFC tag. Multiple actions can take place simultaneously when you tap the tag.

You see, one technology, multiple uses!


With advanced technologies, getting done with day-to-day activities has become easier.

This wireless sensor technology we refer to as NFC allows users to exchange data between different devices, making it easier to communicate.

For mobile app developers, NFC can bring revolutionary changes by making the technology used in unimaginable ways.

Having an integrated NFC in mobile applications have several benefits, such as –

  • Pay with just a tap 
    NFC tags are capable of initiating desired actions in mobile apps by eliminating the need for scanners or other apps and providing an easier method to pay. Now you are just a tap away from making payment.
  • Enhanced Wallet security 
    You don’t need to worry about wallet security with NFC. In case,
    Your smartphone gets stolen, the two-step authentication method prevents your money from any fraud.
  • Get lower operational costs
    An alternate payment processing system saves money providing end-users with a highly satisfying experience.


Whether you are a manufacturer, an advertising agency retailer or an e-commerce seller, NFC application benefits both public and private sectors by providing them a simple digital communication process.

Using NFC Mobile applications can result in a potential increase in revenue streams and better experiences. 

Benefits that NFC mobile application offers to various business industries-

      • If you are an e-commerce seller, you can give your customers an amazing shopping experience by connecting customers to a webpage that is featuring product/service information.
      • Flash-like transactions, easy connections, and simple data sharing make it a beneficial technology to use by every company and retail seller.
      • NFC makes it very convenient to pay when you talk about faster payments. It really eases the process of payment.

Every retail store, petrol pump station, and restaurants that have started using the contactless payment system through smartphones because of the wide range of benefits this technology provides.


Keeping all the benefits aside, the most popular benefit offered by NFC is that it simplifies the process of conducting payments or transactions.

Even when such vast benefits offered by NFC mobile applications, people are adopting it at a moderate rate.

NFC mobile applications will achieve user acceptance at a more general level and a lot of big players in the retail sector will adopt the usage of NFC mobile apps on a big scale.

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