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Everything you need to know about Amazon attribution from basic to advance.

Amazon attribution

Are you advertising your Amazon products off-Amazon?

If yes, you already know there are a lot of efforts put in to make a particular product popular and to increase brand awareness.

Amazon advertising attribution makes it all easier!

It helps you discover how your non-Amazon digital marketing tactics and Amazon social media strategies are helping drive sales on Amazon.

With Amazon advertising attribution, you are able to measure the impact of those marketing campaigns on your Amazon sales by generating tags for each of your marketing strategies.

For a better understanding of Amazon Attribution, let’s dig in!


Basically Amazon Attribution measures non-Amazon Advertising media which include search ads, social ads, display ads, video ads, and email marketing.

Amazon introduced Amazon Attribution to measure sales impact across marketing channels and plan future marketing strategies according to the observed performance. Before this reporting tool, it was hard to view the key metrics such as detail page views, clicks, sales etc. Amazon attribution made it easier by allowing advertisers to better track their off-platform campaigns driving to Amazon and measure ROI.

Amazon attribution reports give you an overview of traffic metrics, including impressions and clicks, as well as Amazon conversion metrics, such as detail page views, add to carts, and purchases.


Amazon attribution helps in determining which marketing strategy and marketing platform to give credit for a detail page view or sale. Attribution metrics helps in improving ROI by optimizing –

  • Targeting
  • Placement
  • Ads spend etc.

Many companies experienced year-over-year sales growth by optimizing their adverting using Amazon Attribution. The insights which come from analyzing attribution metrics included knowing which types of publications performed better than others, what audiences were more likely to convert, and what media placements had the greatest return.

Though prior to this program, there were few ways to attribute Amazon sales and engagement to marketing on social media, emails, display ads, and video ads, but each of the existing methods had limitations. Marketers can now make more informed decisions about where to spend their marketing dollars.

Since its launch, Amazon Attribution has unified advertising measurements for various brands. Brands use this program-

  • For audience insight: Insights of each stage of the customer journey include brand awareness and transaction metrics of purchase.
  • For measurement and optimization: Effectiveness of each advertising channel is measured and optimization takes place accordingly.
  • For future planning: Reviewing channel performance and optimization of advertising channels helps to plan future marketing strategies that can maximize ROI.

Brands also use this program to unlock shopping and sales impact analysis across their advertising investments and for better understanding of the performance of their full digital media portfolio.


The Amazon Attribution Console brings together shopping and sales impact analysis across search, social media, display, and email media which gives advertisers a full picture view of how well their marketing strategies are working and what more can be done to get the most out of the advertising budgets.

Amazon attributions are collected and measured by either placing a tracking pixel on advertisements or most recently announced a click-based solution that allows for in-app measurement through social media.

Metrics which are tracked by Amazon Attribution Console are –

  • Number of purchases
  • Total sales
  • Detail page views
  • Add to cart

These are the metrics which give insights into each stage of the customers journey to determine the activities that drive performance, and understand how to optimize campaigns to improve ROI and increase sales on Amazon.

How to start with Amazon Advertising Attribution?

There is a 4 step simple procedure to get started with Amazon advertising attribution-

Step 1- Sign-up

Firstly, you need to login to their registered seller central account and fill a sign-up form for Amazon Attribution βeta.
Amazon attribution tag steps

Step 2- Select products

After sign-in, choose the products for which you want to analyze results and see conversions.

Step 3- Generate tags for marketing strategies

An Attribution Tag is a link to your product listing that Amazon can track. We will learn more about Attribution tags later in this section.

Step 4- Implement tags across ads

Implement tags across your video ads, social ads, search ads etc.

Did you know?

There is no cost associated with participating in Amazon Attribution.


You might be thinking, why send traffic directly to Amazon instead of your own e-commerce site?

Well, one of the main advantages that driving traffic directly to Amazon offers is that visitors are more likely to make a purchase on Amazon rather than a new website. This is because people trust Amazon as a platform more in terms of buying a product.

The 2017 National Most Trustworthy Brands Survey from market research firm found that customers rated Amazon the highest retailer in meeting expectations and felt the most ‘joy’ from shopping at Amazon. The reason being Amazon’s customer service, reliability, and quick delivery times. You can use Amazon Attribution to track if visitors convert at a higher rate and leverage sending traffic directly to the Amazon product detail page.


Amazon is America’s first choice when it comes to online shopping. By sending the traffic directly to Amazon, you can leverage from this platform and display ads to visitors who have previously shown interest in your product or are likely to buy. Sending traffic directly to Amazon makes remarketing simpler and easier.


Once you’ve sign-in to your Amazon attribute account, its very simple to generate attribution tag and start tracking your off-Amazon marketing efforts.

  • Click the advertiser name you want to create the tag for.
    Amazon attribution tag steps
  • Create an order by clicking on “set-up an order”.
    Amazon attribution tag steps
  • Give order name and ID and click on “continue to line items”.
    Amazon attribution tag steps
  • Choose exactly where you plan to place your link from the publisher drop-down menu.
    Amazon attribution tag steps
  • Select the URL you want to send people to.
  • Copy your product URL from Amazon and paste it into the Click-through URL box and hit the yellow “Create” button.
  • Now simply copy and paste the link into your Google ad (or whatever publisher you choose from the drop-down menu) and you’re ready to track anyone that clicks that link.
    Amazon attribution tag steps


With all the above-mentioned steps and procedures, you will be able to know exactly which strategies to kill and which to scale, which platforms are giving fruitful results so you can focus your efforts on the winners. It helps you figure out which of your Off-Amazon marketing efforts are creating a positive ROI and which ones are emptying your bank balance.

You will finally be able to track the traffic you’ve driven from efforts outside Amazon. The tracked data will help you make your marketing strategies better and will make you understand where to work more and where there is no need to work.

You can study and analyze the insights with the help of Amazon Attribution pixel and optimize accordingly to increase your ROI.

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