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Effective Tips for leveraging Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

Amazon Buyer seller services allow the sellers to directly communicate with the buyers. It is a preferred way for Amazon sellers to communicate with their buyers on their Amazon storefront.

Amazon buyer-seller messaging is the only approved method for sellers to get in touch with their buyers via a native email service that Amazon offers inside the seller central account. Sellers can access the buyer’s messages on the Buyer-Seller Messages page and resolve disputes and claims, as all previous correspondence is available.

Amazon buyer-seller messages facilitate sellers with anonymized email alias to each buyer. The anonymized email alias can be utilized the same way as the real email address. For each seller relationship, the buyers recieve a unique email alias.

Any seller, who is serious about giving their customers an amazing shopping experience should know all the key points to remember while using this tool. It is worthwhile to dedicate a few minutes to understand how this system works and how you, as a seller, can get the most out of it.

Before we dig into how this amazon messaging service is beneficial for you, let’s see how exactly a successful  Amazon Buyer seller service works.

How to Communicate with buyers using the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service?

Well, the first thing, you as a seller should know is, you have to activate this amazon messaging service yourself from your seller central account. If you haven’t yet started your Buyer-Seller Messaging Service, let’s take a quick look on how to activate this service-

  • In the upper right-hand corner of the Seller Central home page you’ll see “Settings”.Click on settings and select “Fulfilment by Amazon”.
  • Click the “edit button”, under product support.
  • Select your marketplace and click “Enable”.
  • Lastly, click the update.

Right after your amazon seller messages get active, Amazon starts its monitoring by tracking your Contact Response Metrics. You need to understand how these metrics are measured so that you can maintain an excellent response time.

If you are planning for a vacation or a time off work, you can also inactive the amazon messaging service but you should know that this inactivation will only deactivate the future service and customers who already bought your products can still message you.

Activating these services allows you to-

  • Get messages and attachments from customers
  • Create Buyer-seller templates
  • Resolve order issues via video tutorials
  • Search and filter messages and much more

Before getting into Amazon seller messages benefits, let’s discuss how we can successfully maintain this service to get fruitful results.

Effective Tips to Communicate Using Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

After you have activated Buyer-Seller Messaging Service on your seller central account, you look for more conversions and better customer experience.

There are a few important details, you need to focus on to serve your customers more efficiently. I have funneled some of the most important key points for you to pay attention to achieve more conversions and ratings.

1.  Communicate promptly with customers
You can receive messages 24/7 all year and you need to respond promptly to every single customer about their topic of concern. Amazon even has a deadline of 24 hours. For every customer reply, the seller has to reply within a period of 24 hours. Amazon also tracks your response time by following metrics-

  • Average response time
  • Rate of responses in less than 24 hours
  • Percentage of responses over 24 hours
  • Percentage of messages not responded to (and not flagged as “no response needed”).


    2.  Make customer satisfaction your priority
    Keep in mind that customers have come to expect the same level of customer service expertise from sellers that they receive from Amazon. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important key performance measures Amazon uses to determine how well you are doing as a seller on this platform.

3.  Be patient with customers
You can get angry and rude emails with attached images but you need to keep calm and act with maturity. You need to be courteous and handle your customers patiently when they request information, returns or refunds.

4.  Learn about Amazon’s list of prohibited actions
Amazon has a whole guide to explain what you can and what you cannot do as a seller. Make sure you have a quick look at that to avoid any type of mistake which disturbs your Amazon business.

5.  Get Autoresponder tool
From thanking a customer and requesting a review to schedule emails at the right times, an autoresponder tool can help you in many ways. It can save your time and it helps in maintaining good performance metrics.

6.  Offer upsell offers and request customer reviews
When there is direct communication between you and the buyers, you can freely email them about your product offers, discount promo codes and request them to leave a review as they are now your customers and not Amazon’s if you communicated with them first.

Capturing your potential customer’s email lets you offer improved customer service and helps you develop a lasting relationship with that customer, instead of ending with a one-off sale.

Accelerate your conversions by providing the best customer experience to your customers so that even if they don’t make a future purchase, they at least leave positive feedback which motivates others to purchase your product.

Benefits of Buyer-Seller Messaging Service

A record of all buyer-seller correspondence is kept by Buyer-Seller Messaging. An encrypted email alias is used by the service to record your responds when they are done from personal or business email .

Offered benefits include-

  • You can view all your emails collectively from your email system including Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Thunderbird, GMX, etc at one place.
  • By increased customer satisfaction, you’ll see a rise in your customer reviews and ratings.
  • These services provide a sorted and improved way of communicating with your buyers and respond to their complaints and doubts.
  • Even a negative email can give you an idea of what additional changes can be done to improve your product. For example adding some ingredients that people like or removing some ingredients. That is not possible when Amazon handles your customers. Direct interaction is more beneficial.
  • By keeping a record of every single buyer-seller interaction, Amazon can resolve any type of dispute faster.


    Final Thoughts-
    Leverage the Amazon messaging services and give your customers a great shopping experience. Only use professional written copies which show that you care for your customers to avoid any type of negative rating or comment.

If you still go through any difficulties in activating your account or responding to your customers 24/7, MMF InfoTech is here to help you with all that you need.
Feel free to contact us.

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