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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Storefront

Amazon Storefront is a miniature store on amazon where you can curate collections of different products with multiple pages for content and internal links. You can put together all your products on amazon into a store that lives on
It is an excellent opportunity for brands to gain visibility and sales as you can create a page on amazon totally dedicated to your brand listings. You can build a cohesive mini brand page by putting videos, graphics, and content of which represents your brand to the best.

Imagine a page dedicated to just YOUR brand content where you have almost everything in your control and you can customize every little detail according to your choice.
As interesting as it sounds, this is what Amazon offers to brands worldwide!
Amazon gives every company or brand a personalized space just for their business to flaunt their best content and make money and that too for FREE.
Some of the benefits offered by Amazon storefront are

  • A Branded Experience For Customers-
    By owning an Amazon storefront, you can serve your customers with a more branded experience. Customers can understand your brand better and make a uniform decision rather than scrolling through a huge list of SKUs which confuses them.

  • Less Competition For a Few Minutes-
    While going through your Amazon Store, people get a better idea of your product and it’s pricing. With no competitor appearing, there are chances that people get influenced by your brand and turn into customers.

    Competing in a huge list with several other brands can take your desired attention from you, but you can save a few minutes for your brand by just owning your Amazon Storefront.

  • It’s Better Than Owning Your Own Website Store-
    We all know Amazon has the numbers!

    If you polled 10 people in the street, what would be their preference for shopping, your website, or Amazon?
    Amazon, OBVIOUSLY!
    Considering the trust which people have on Amazon, they are more likely to shop on it rather than some site they haven’t even heard of despite how amazing your brand’s products are.

  • A Strong Performance Analysis-
     Amazon  allows you to get every little detail for your store which can help you improve  areas of their marketing and sales tactics.Some of the data provided here include the following:

    i). Daily visits
    ii). Sale units
    iii). Pageviews per visitor
    iv). Internal versus external traffic


    Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Storefront

    Step #1- Login to your Professional Seller Account-
    Amazon is very selective when it comes to letting it sell on its marketplace. You need to have a professional seller account for owning an Amazon Seller Storefront.

    Step #2- Apply for Brand Registry-
    You need to get your brand registered for the brand registry to get access to “gated” selling categories and build enhanced content on each of your product pages, such as brand messaging, lifestyle images, and other assets.

    Step #3- Click on the Storefront and Select “Manage Stores”-
    After logging in to your seller central account, you will see an option of “Storefront” on top left, click that option and select “Manage stores” from the drop down menu.

    Step #4- Upload Brand Name and Logo-
    Upload your logo design and brand name to get started.

    Step #5- Click “Customize This Theme” –
    After adding a description of your brand, if you want to customize the colors, images, font and logo for the template. Click “Save Changes” to save all of the changes made.

    Step #6- Select “Categories” from “Store Design”-
    Add the different product categories you intend to sell and flaunt from your storefront. Amazon does give some examples to draw some inspiration for your storefront

    Step #7- Design Your Page-
    Design a look and feel that best represents your brand and is eye-pleasing to people. Each page can have a unique header image and additional graphics,images and content..

    You can also use video on the storefront to tell your brand story. You are required to keep it around 30 seconds to grab more eyeballs.

    Step #8- Connect Your Website to Amazon Storefront-
    If you have your own URL, connect your website address to your seller storefront. Select “Control Panel” > “General Webstore Settings” > “Domain Name” from settings tab.

    Step #9- Configure Tax settings-
    You need to configure your shipping prices and taxes for your Amazon storefront products.

    Step #10- Publish-

    Select “Publish My Webstore” to publish your storefront live on the Internet and your Amazon store will be published within seconds.HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO AMAZON STOREFRONT?

    One of the major benefits of selling a product on Amazon is that it opens up your product to a potential buyer pool of over 197 million people all around the world.To drive traffic to particularly your brand store, you can do following things-

    Using Social Media or Your Website
    It’s a good idea to market your Amazon seller store on social media.

    Marketing on social media is one of the easiest ways to promote your Amazon storefront, especially if you have branded social media pages that are designed to match your Amazon storefront.
    You can also market your store on your website to gain more external traffic.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is considered 40 times more effective than social media by some experts. Using Emails to give information about new product launches or any offer that’s running for particular products may encourage customers to if not buy, at least check out your Amazon store.

Google Adwords 
Another way of promoting your brand off Amazon is Google adwords. It’s costly, but highly effective to drive traffic to your online store.

Make sure you do a proper budget analysis before marketing your store on Google Adwords.

Amazon storefront can help you achieve those sales numbers that you always dreamt of. Whether it’s creating your brand’s online store or marketing it Off-Amazon, every little thing counts and needs a professional touch.

If you need help with any Amazon marketing services, feel free to contact us.MMF InfoTech believes in serving our clients with the best!




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