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Consumers Prefer Fast & Free Shipping on Amazon

Consumers Prefer Fast & Free Shipping on Amazon

In today’s landscape of 24/7 online shopping and its promise of immediate gratification, most Americans want their retail purchases delivered to their doorstep,  as cheaply and quickly as possible. Their fast and free shipping preferences reflect the standard set by Amazon’s Prime fulfillment capabilities. 

In fact, data from Jungle Scout’s latest Consumer Trends Report reveals that 80% of U.S. consumers expect free shipping on orders above a certain dollar amount, and 66% expect free shipping for all their online orders. On top of that, 41% expect delivery times of two to three days after purchasing — with another 27% expecting same-day or next-day delivery for everything they buy online. 

Fulfilling this expectation fast and free shipping is essential for ecommerce sellers vying for buyers among ever-stiffening competition. While there’s a lot to gain from the recent boom in online shopping, the consequences for sub-optimal shipping are serious. 

For instance, nearly half (47%) of Americans say they are willing to spend more for a product with faster shipping, and 70% would be upset if an order didn’t arrive on time. 

With that in mind, let’s examine the details about what consumers expect in terms of shipping, the impact these conditions have on ecommerce sellers, brands, and platforms — including giants like Amazon and Walmart — and how sellers can fulfill these expectations. 

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