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The Top-Selling Items on eBay During COVID-19

The Top-Selling Items on eBay During COVID-19

The eCommerce marketplace eBay is a platform that allows for product auction and shopping.

Business reports of eBay 2021 state that the total number of active buyers with eBay has surged 7% compared to last year, making 187 million global buyers in this marketplace.

Being the second most popular eCommerce platform in the US, selling on eBay is considered a business of profit among many sellers.

If you too are planning to sell your items on eBay to support your family during this crisis, this article is for you.

The first question that comes to our mind while giving your products an online selling platform is “Are these products worthy of being sold?”, “Will these products make enough profits?”.

Though the marketing and advertising of products make a huge impact on profit-making, what you sell also makes a difference.

Before jumping into eBay selling, let’s go through the “best things to sell on eBay in COVID-19” according to US market research.

We all know, COVID-19 pandemic has changed customer demand. When people are mostly working from home and spending most of their time with family, the items which used to sell moderately turned out to become the eBay best sellers throughout this period.

The top-selling items on eBay during this pandemic are-

1. Medical gloves-

Though medical gloves are used widely in clinics and hospitals, the profits on selling medical gloves took a rise when the world got hit by COVID-19 and that is when medical gloves made it to the list of “eBay trending items”.

2. Masks & Sanitizers –

Though masks and sanitizers are available at any nearby pharmacy, people took great interest in picking them out from eCommerce websites such as eBay.
Considering the quality, people searched for customized masks and 99% germ-killing sanitizers.

3. Puzzles-

Puzzles made it to the list of “top-selling items on eBay” after February when people everywhere started working from home. People with children looked out for family puzzles and kids puzzles on eBay for making their children busy while they work efficiently from home.

4. Essential oils-

Considering the respiratory nature of the virus, people started purchasing essential oils like cinnamon, rose and lemon to make it easy for them to breathe. Essential oils have already been popular among asthmatic patients to ease breathing and release stress.

5. Vacuum seal bags-

Sealed bags are used to preserve food for a long period of time. When it became hard to get gas cylinders during this pandemic, people started preserving food to feed their stomachs without any gas usage. Success rate hit 93% as preserving semi-cooked food, vegetables, and frozen food became convenient.

6. Video Games –

With more students staying home amidst this pandemic, a desire for video games increased among children and adults. Getting more time with siblings and family, video games became a popular source of income for sellers.

7. Yoga mats-

Getting a lot of time for themselves and gyms being closed, people working out at home have started purchasing yoga mats. Sales of yoga mats have taken a hike since March when people realized they are going to gain weight during this lockdown.

8. Wireless routers and mobile hotspots

Wireless routers and mobile hotspots became the most selling equipment in 2020 as the whole world started working from home. High-speed internet is the one prior requirement for working from home.

9. Painting equipment-

Revisiting the artists in them, people bought more painting equipment than ever!
Sketching and paintings are hobbies of millions but when this crisis hit the nation, everyone wanted to discover new talent in them. While some shifted to cooking and fitness, other creative minds searched for brushes and colors to paint their thoughts.

10. Soaps

After several celebrities and medical experts came forward to teach the importance of washing hands for 20 seconds once in a while, people started using more and more soaps. Though soaps are as cheap as less than a dollar, people looked for 99% germ-killing soaps which don’t make their hands dry and at the same time smell good.

11. Comfortable Apparels and Active wares-

The number of people working out took a hike as soon as the lockdown got announced in the country. Every person has now time to give time to their body as they are home which has increased the demand for active ware amid this crisis.
Comfortable apparel has also become a popular search option for people as they are working, eating, sleeping in the same pair of clothes the whole day.

12. Long-term Food kits

At the time of emergency, it’s hard to get all the essential ingredients right for everyday dishes. During this lockdown, people are looking for frozen food that stays with them for a longer time without getting wasted.

13. Books-

Book lovers have got all the time in this world to read the book that was pending for a long time. Book orders too have taken a hike amid this COVID-19 outbreak.

14. Crafting Kits

From starting, eBay has been an excellent resource for crafters. People enjoy sewing in their leisure time and eBay offers literally all types of needlework kits. People now actually have time to be creative and design something for their loved ones.

15. Salon products

With no salons open, the sale of salon products took a hike after lockdown announcements. Shaving creams like Veet got enormous orders. Wax and other salon products made more money than ever during this pandemic.

Final Thoughts

No one knows how long the coronavirus is going to stay with us, but we know one thing for sure, eBay entrepreneurs will make profits even in this time of crisis as they are now aware of people’s needs and what they are searching for the most.
If you are eager to make a living by selling on eBay this year, the above-stated items are the best items to sell. If you have any queries related to eBay items or selling on eBay, we are here for you!

Contact us and we can discuss your eBay business!

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