Cost To Hire IOS Developer in 2024 The Complete Guide

Cost To Hire IOS Developer in 2024: The Complete Guide

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Are you planning to hire an iOS developer in 2024 to develop a mobile app for your company? Apple software and the App Store keep on advancing, having an effective iOS app can be a game changer for companies across industries. Nevertheless, considering the fee to engage iOS developers poses a significant challenge, particularly with the technology world continuously changing. Today, we will explore the cost-related aspects of hiring an iOS app developer and supply you with an estimate that takes 2024 into account.

What Does an iOS App Developer Do?

Now, before we dig into the cost aspects, it is important to know the role of an iOS developer. An iOS developer, as a software engineer who focuses on developing applications for Apple’s ecosystem including iPhone, iPad and other iOS-powered devices. They are competent in programming languages like Swift and Obj-C as well as Apple’s development tools such as Xcode and Interface Builder.

As iOS developers, we are expected to build user interfaces that are reasonably intuitive and appealing visually, to establish connectivity with third-party services to enhance performance and to ensure Apple’s guidelines and best practices. They are critical factors in realizing new vision and delivering great user features on iPhones.

Factors Affecting the Cost To Hire iOS Developers

Several factors affect the cost of hiring an iOS developer, including:

  • Developer’s Experience and Expertise: The more sophisticated and knowledgeable an iOS developer becomes, the higher their hourly rate will go. Experienced iOS developers who know thoroughly the iOS frameworks, design patterns and API principles will get paid more than junior-level or entry-level developers.
  • Location: The hiring of an iOS developer may differ dramatically and the price depends on the location of the company. In big tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, New York, or London the developers have to charge more for services due to high living costs in these areas and fierce competition in hiring talent. Different from this, the developers from countries of, say, Eastern Europe, Asia or Latin America are usually cheaper.
  • Hiring Model: The way you woo an iOS developer affects the cost as well. You can either hire a freelancer, work with an agency that specializes in development or select from the variety of staff augmentation services at your disposal. As a rule, freelancers are the least expensive option. Next, there are agencies and staff augmentation companies that require more money due to their expertise and project management capacities.
  • Project Complexity: The amount of money you are asked to pay for an iOS app project is dependent on the complexity of your project. One of the important considerations is the fact that the simple and low-cost apps with the least functionality will be cheaper than the complex apps that have features such as integration, custom design and many others. Another point is that different types of apps, such as game apps, social media apps or e-commerce apps, might contribute to additional costs which might be created because of different requirements or complexity.
  • Maintenance and Support: An iOS developer’s cost is not limited to the just development phase, rather the costs should be factored in the entire run of the project. It is vital to conduct routine maintenance, version updates and upgrades because it is vital to keep the app stable, secure and without any contradictions with the new versions of iOS. Factors such as app complexity, frequency of updates and the rate of the developer could lead to an increase in app maintenance cost.

The investment in iOS app building provides a lot of benefits to a business which are gaining a large audience and the finest user experience, providing security, getting more brand recognition and leaving competitors far behind.

Cost Estimation for Hiring iOS Developers in 2024

Based on the factors mentioned above, here’s a rough estimation of the overall cost to hire iOS developers in 2024:

  • Freelance iOS Developers: $25 – $120 / hour.
  • iOS Development Agencies: $10K – $50K+.
  • Staff Augmentation Services: $30 – $150 / hour.

However, be informed that the figures presented can fluctuate following the real demand, app developer skills, and the current economic climate.

iOS App Development Benefits

Below are the benefits of investing in iOS app development services:  

  • Tapping into a Lucrative Market: Generating an iOS app can help you to reach that group of millions of iOS users all around the world, who may be very devoted and interested in your services and generate considerable revenue for you.
  • Enhanced User Experience: iOS apps have to strictly comply with Apple’s guidelines and quality control to be listed in its app store. As a result, they should provide a solid and user-friendly interface to guarantee the satisfaction of users and gain their trust.
  • Robust Security: iOS devices are adopted worldwide for their strong security features through which they guarantee users a credible platform to use your app for transactions and handling data whether for personal or business purposes.
  • Increased Brand Visibility: Your business image and credibility can be strengthened through a well-built and functioning iOS app, making your business appear as a tech-savvy and customer-driven one.
  • Competitive Advantage: The mobile world of today can become a powerful competitive advantage for your business if you can create engaging and unique experiences for your customers.


The company’s successful iOS app development requires a good iOS developer in the team. But the price can be very different depending upon lots of factors. Thus, it is important to do a detailed cost analysis based on project requirements, budget and long-term goals to make a wise decision.

By taking into account factors such as developer skills, location, hiring model, project complexities, and maintenance requirements, you can arrive at a proper estimate for the development of an iOS app and ensure that the development process is successful.

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