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Amazon Wholesale: The Complete Guide to Selling Wholesale on Amazon in 2024

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Amazon Wholesale is a B2B marketplace where Amazon allows retailers, resellers, and businesses to purchase massive quantities of products from a wide range at wholesale prices directly from a manufacturer or distributor.

Amazon Wholesale enables businesses across industries to sell products at wholesale prices on Amazon. Offering all kinds of products, along with assured logistics and Amazon infrastructure, it is the one real value-added platform for its sellers and buyers in the B2B marketplace.

How Does Amazon Wholesale Work? 

Amazon Wholesale is a business-to-business (B2B) marketplace model. Registered businesses can directly procure products at wholesale rates from producers or distributors on the e-commerce platform. With Amazon Wholesale, you can buy products in bulk at wholesale rates. You will get a GST invoice for your purchases and special business discounts.

How to Start Selling Wholesale Products on Amazon

  • Create an Amazon Seller Account: To become a professional seller on Amazon, sign up for an Amazon Seller Account that offers advanced tools and reports for competitive selling and wholesale work.To complete the process, you need an ID, GST details, your business name, pickup address details, and a shipping method. You also have to do Amazon seller account management.
  • Find Wholesale Suppliers: Find out which products you can wholesale for your inventory. Sources of suppliers can be trade shows, online directories, or contacting manufacturers. Contact various suppliers to see what their minimums are and what sort of price they could give you.
  • High-Demand Products: If you are confused about what to sell on Amazon, then you should supply the products for which shoppers are already looking. Use Amazon wholesale product research tools such as Amazon dropshipping, or use extensions such as SellerApp or Amazon itself to analyze different product options.
  • List Products on Amazon: Create detailed product listings for wholesale Amazon products with high-quality images and competitive prices, using Amazon’s Seller Central dashboard for efficient management.
  • Manage Inventory and Fulfillment: Make Amazon inventory management work with suppliers for inventory and fulfillment. You can manage your inventory yourself or opt for the services of Fulfillment by Amazon for warehousing and the task of order fulfillment. Running out of inventory will mean not making any sales. It will also ruin your Amazon rankings, so be careful. You have to order in advance, making sure that the new shipment arrives before you sell out.

Advantages of Selling Wholesale on Amazon

  • Large Customer Base: One of the world’s largest online marketplaces, Amazon’s customer base, is made available to you as a seller through Wholesale on Amazon. Higher product visibility leads to higher sales potential.
  • Brand Visibility: Amazon Wholesale provides a high-visibility platform with millions of customers, enabling businesses to reach millions of clients and expand their product offerings beyond traditional markets.
  • Global Expansion: Amazon provides wholesale sellers with a cost-effective solution to boost their business without significant infrastructure or market research investment, enabling them to connect with international customers easily and with minimal entry barriers in countries with a physical presence.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Services: Amazon’s fulfillment services free wholesalers from the time-consuming tasks of product storage, customer order fulfillment, and customer service, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced resource usage, and improved customer satisfaction, leading to business growth.

Disadvantages of Selling Wholesale on Amazon

  • High Competition: Amazon’s highly competitive marketplace presents a challenge for new or smaller wholesalers to differentiate themselves, potentially necessitating substantial marketing and advertising investment.
  • Fee Structure: Amazon charges various fees for selling on its platform, including referral charges, fulfillment fees if FBA is used, and subscription fees for professional selling accounts, which can impact profit margins for low-margin products or high-volume sales.
  • Lack of control over the brand: Amazon’s strict policies and guidelines regarding packaging and branding may limit wholesalers’ ability to differentiate products, maintain brand consistency, and establish brand loyalty, as they lack significant control over brand image and customer experience. 
  • Loss of Direct Customer Relationships: Selling through Amazon restricts wholesalers from cross-selling, upselling, and customer engagement outside the Amazon ecosystem, and overreliance on the platform may expose them to policy amendments, algorithm changes, and fee structures.


In 2024, Amazon wholesale can help businesses expand their reach, boost sales, and become e-commerce leaders due to Amazon’s vast customer base, fast logistics, and powerful marketing tools. The benefits of wholesale selling on Amazon are enormous: wholesalers get access to millions of potential customers, get their orders fulfilled effectively by FBA services, and are empowered with data and analytics insights to optimize their selling strategies and drive sustainable growth.

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