Packaging Requirements for FBA and FBM Sellers (2024)

Amazon Packaging Requirements for FBA and FBM Sellers [2024]

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A perfect knowledge of the packing and delivery of products is essential for any seller who wants to thrive on Amazon. If you are an FBA or an FBM seller, it is crucial to follow these guidelines to have your items delivered to the shoppers in the best shape possible, thus reducing the rate of returns and increasing satisfaction. Meeting Amazon packaging requirements is essential to avoid penalties, delays, and increased costs. Adhering to these standards also boosts your reputation as a reliable seller, helping you increase Amazon sales.

Why Does Amazon Packaging Matter?

While people usually consider packaging as a mere enclosure to your product, it is very essential in safeguarding your products during shipping and even during warehousing. This ensures that your products do not get damaged in the course of shipping and transporting them, hence improving the uptake among customers, and reducing incidences of return products. Everyone who has to ship a product to Amazon must ensure that they meetAmazon packaging requirements in order to avoid penalties, delays, and high costs. Mentioned standards also help you build your credentials as a trustworthy seller which leads to higher sales on Amazon.

When packaging is inadequate, it can lead to several issues:

  • Damage During Transit: Poor packaging can result in products getting damaged while being transported.
  • Customer Dissatisfaction: Receiving damaged goods can lead to negative reviews and decreased customer loyalty.
  • Higher Return Rates: When goods are returned they are usually damaged, and this causes a lot of losses and more paperwork.
  • Compliance Issues: Failure to follow Amazon’s packaging guidelines may lead to fines, a longer delivery time or even a suspension of the selling account.

Thus, knowing and adhering to proper packaging specifications are crucial to avoiding disruptions in operations and a poor customer experience.

Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements

There are certain packaging requirements that need to be adhered to by sellers who utilize the Amazon FBA service delivery method.

Label Requirements for FBA Sellers

Manufacturer Barcode: Every product should have a scan code like UPN, EAN13, ISBN etc. It should be packed in a manner that the part will not get spoiled during transportation.

Amazon Barcode (FNSKU): When using the barcoding system in Amazon, ensure each of the items you wish to use belong to a particular FNSKU that relates to the specific listing on Amazon.

Address Label:

  • Be sure to provide all the relevant information needed such as the fulfillment center location and the ship from address.
  • Make sure that the label is clear and affixed well on the box so that it does not get torn off or the printing is not worn off.

Handling Labels:

  • It’s crucial to use the right labels to denote handling restrictions such as “Fragile,” “This Side Up,” or “Do Not Stack.”
  • These labels are useful with regards to the transport of the package to avoid damages where needed.

Label Quality:

Labels should be very strong, mechanically stable so that they have to sustain different types of environmental conditions.

One should also use adhesive labels that do not peel off easily and the prints on them must be clear and easily readable.

Packaging Requirements for FBA

Shipping Boxes:

  • Pack the items carefully using strong, rigid boxes that will ensure that the items are kept safe during the transition to the new owner.
  • Do not pack items in used boxes, as they may not offer sufficient protection for the items you are shipping.
  • The box should be of the right size that will not allow the items it contains to move around inside the box when the box is in motion.

Product Boxes:

  • Every item should be packed separately in order to get protection against damages.
  • Make sure the product box is hard enough in order to cover the product inside it.


  • The polybags that need to be used should be at least 1 mm thick. 5 mils thick.
  • If the size of the polybag opening is greater than 5 inches, they should come with a suffocation warning label.
  • Make sure that the polybag cover is tight enough in order to avoid dust or moisture affecting the product.

Items Sold as Sets:

  • Clearly mark items sold as sets to ensure they remain together throughout the shipping process.
  • Use labels like “Sold as Set” or “This is a Set. Do Not Separate.”

FBA Packaging Checklist

  • Correct barcodes and labels: Check all items have the correct barcode/labels attached, which are firmly fixed in place.
  • Sturdy and new shipping boxes: Ensure that you use new boxes, those that are strong enough to cater for the harshest that is shipped in.
  • Properly sized product boxes: Each product should be packed in a properly fitting box to prevent shifting around.
  • Compliant polybags: But for poly bags, the thickness and labeling must be up to the standard of Amazon.
  • Marked sets: Items sold in sets should be clearly labeled so that they are not misplaced or mixed up with other different items.

FBA Shipping Requirements

Small Parcel:

  • Be sure to follow the carrier’s rules for the physical size and weight of the item.
  • Make sure each of the boxes has the tracking label to help evaluate the transport process to the fulfillment center.

Less Than Truckload (LTL):

  • For small consignment or consignments that may not cover a full truck load.
  • Each pallet should have a tracking label so that pallets are properly stacked to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure to standardize pallet sizes and make sure that everything is shrink-wrapped correctly.

Full Truckload (FTL):

  • Where the shipment consumes the full capacity of the truck.
  • Regarding pallets, similar to LTL, it has to be ensured that they should be properly stacked, labeled and shrink wrapped.
  • Organize with the carrier for pick up and delivery of shipment to Amazon warehouses.

Basic Pallet Requirements

  • Standard pallet size: You should consider using pallets that are 40” x 48” in size.
  • Maximum height: Pallets should not go beyond 72 inches in total length, with the pallet included.
  • Secure wrapping: Shrink wrap can be used to better secure the pallets to avoid moving all over during transport.
  • Clear labeling: The shipment details should be put on each pallet to ensure that they can easily be identified when on the shipment process.

Amazon FBM Packaging Requirements

For FBM sellers, packaging requirements are less stringent but equally important for maintaining product integrity and customer satisfaction.

Shipping Templates:

  • Product information: Product attributes, such as size, weight, and special handling instructions should be well highlighted.
  • Shipping methods: Please specify all possible modes of shipping and their charges.
    Handling times: Explain when you will be able to prepare the product and ship it to the market or to the distributor if applicable.

Robust Packaging:

  • Choose the best quality of material that you can lay your hands on one that will not succumb to the transported conditions.
  • Make sure packaging reflects the product size and kind in order to minimize the risk of getting damaged.

Follow Best Practices:

  • It is advisable to pack adequate amounts of cushion and padding materials, such as bubble wraps, packing peanuts or foam inserts.
  • See to it that packages are sealed properly to avoid having them opened up before reaching the intended destination.
  • Stickers should be attached properly with shipping and returning addresses.

Ensure Product Safety:

  • Increase the security feature by implementing tamper evident packaging.
  • Some products require extra protection – packing multiple layers of bubble wrap or using an extra box.


It is crucial for both FBA and FBM sellers to meet the amazon packaging standards. It guarantees that products reach customers without getting damaged, builds your company’s reputation, and avoids penalties and delays. If you are new to Amazon and still wondering what Amazon FBA is or you are in the process of learning how to sell on Amazon without inventory, the above mentioned are crucial steps that you need to embrace for a positive result. To achieve the most benefits and increased sales on the Amazon platform, it is crucial to pay attention to the packaging process hence, strive to adopt the best packaging practices.

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