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How Can Amazon Listing Optimization Increase Your Amazon Page Traffic?

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Amazon Listing Optimization with Amazon SEO.

Product listings are optimized for Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) to appear higher in product searches on A few easy measures can increase sales, enhance product search listings, and make it easier for customers to find your brand.

You can utilize SEO strategies as an Amazon seller to:

  • Drive more traffic to Amazon product listings
  • Escalate your product and brand visibility
  • Encourage conversion rates and sales growth

Let’s Understand Amazon's A9 Algorithm in Detail.

Amazon’s A9 algorithm is also known as the Amazon product search algorithm. This algorithm developed by Amazon decides how to rank listings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) when buyers search for products. This product search algorithm is evolving, and frequent modifications are being made to enhance customers’ post-purchase experience. However, this algorithm is limited to using primary keyword searches for now. Even with the best SEO tools, the Amazon A9 algorithm is unpredictable. 

The Amazon A9 algorithm is very different from the Google algorithm because Amazon is an e-commerce marketplace and its key areas are sales and profitability. The Amazon algorithm considers keywords to determine the most relevant listing for searches by potential consumers. Therefore, products with excellent conversion rates and solid track records in sales are more likely to rank well on Amazon. And even if you are a beginner, you may rank well using Amazon SEO. Growth is exponential when you understand this algorithm and use all tried-and-true methods.

Surge Your Presence With Keywords.

Use relevant keywords if you want to see more impactful results. But how and from where can you acquire significant keywords?

If you operate in a market where there are numerous competitors, all you need to do is research them. Consider the type of keywords they utilize, the top-performing keywords, and their core strategy. Your task will be more challenging if your product is entirely different. Consider the words a potential customer may use to search for your goods in this situation. Low competition keywords might occasionally help with significant earnings. But make sure the keywords you use are appropriate for your products. Non-essential keywords are worthless to mention. You can check keyword density and do keyword research using a variety of tools. Please find out how frequently buyers search those keywords after selecting them. Google Planner, MerchantWords, Helium 10 – Magnet, Keyword Inspector, Feedback Genius, etc., are a few of the better ones.

Don’t overuse keywords because it will hurt your sales. Write a relevant one first, followed by your brand name (as advised by the Amazon style standard), to ensure that your brand doesn’t come across as generic. Not all keywords will be effective for you; you need to experiment with them to identify the best ones for your company’s Amazon SEO strategy. In any event, backend search keywords are an excellent spot for keyword stuffing. Conversely, you can outsource this process to Amazon listing optimization service providers to obtain hassle-free work.

How Does Amazon Product Listing SEO Works?

When we discuss Amazon product listing seo or Amazon SEO, there are certain areas to consider: one of the strategic components for raising Amazon’s ranking. Amazon product listing SEO makes sure that potential clients see you. Through this procedure, your listing may be elevated or damaged.

1. Optimize Your Titles

Please concentrate on the first 5 words of the title since they account for 80% of SERP titles and are given more weight by Amazon SEO when building URLs.

Guidelines for appropriate titles:

  • Make sure the character limit is set between 100-150 characters.
  • Include relevant keywords separated by dashes (-) or pipes (|).
  • If required, write product descriptions in titles such as color, item code, series number, and quantity.
  • Reflect your target customers in your title.
  • Amazon restricts the title character limit to 200 characters, so don’t add extra things.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word.
  • Do not spell out numbers. Instead, write numeric values.
  • Define your measurements.

    Given that it complies with all of the above recommendations, the title example above works best for ranking better in Amazon SERPs.
Amazon Product Listings

2. Tell Your Product Story Via Product Description

In your Amazon Product Listing Optimization journey, product description is a valuable asset. Use the essential keywords in the description section which were not used in the title earlier. Always write your product description in bullet points, but do not write more than 5 points. Bullets make it easier for readers to understand.

Creatively write everything about your brand, but at the same time, it should make sense. Adding CTAs to the description has a positive effect on conversion.

Guidelines for appropriate description:

  • Keep it crisp, understandable, and up to the point.
  • Jot down the essential features of the product.
  • Mention the factual data.
  • Write your Amazon listing description in a sentence case format.
  • Include your brand name, product id, and the series number.
  • Mention color, size, and quantity.

For writing the product features, follow these guidelines:

  • Mention the most important elements first, followed by the less significant ones.
  • Write only five bullet points, no more than that. If very much necessary, then only add 1 point extra.
  • Add Call to Actions.
  • Add the features that make you stand out from your competitors on the top priority.

    The above listing image is an excellent example of how the bullet points should be written on the page—containing 5 points and covering all the essential features.
Amazon Product Listings

Exactly How Many Images Should You Use?

For the best available Amazon product listing, use high-quality photos. There should be 6 high-quality images in total. For your main photos, use a transparent white background. You can also use lifestyle themes to create enhanced photographs. Including a video that explains how your product works improves the rating of your Amazon product listings.

With lifestyle images, the product’s functionality is best shown in this example. Adhering to the guidelines, it has six pictures and a video.

product search algorithm

Reviews: A Key Element In Conversion

We know that customers rely on reviews. They have a significant impact on the journey of the marketing funnel, from potential customer to customer. Amazon is aware of it and consequently implemented a strict policy against fraud reviews.

A study has revealed that only 1-2% of customers provide their reviews. And when a customer is dissatisfied, they will most likely write up their negative review first.

Positive reviews are directly proportionate to sales. Studies prove to the buyers that they are investing in the right product. But to get more authentic and unbiased reviews, email reminders are best.

Amazon Product Listings services

Strategies That Can Help You Rank

1. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Or A+ Content

EBC or A+ Content on Amazon is your distinguishing feature. You can post appealing images, pointers, or texts relevant to your product and add a splash of style to attract more customers to your product. It is a perfect blend of social media and e-commerce, where, just as social platforms, you can post stories, images, or text descriptions. Like e-commerce sites, it is a marketplace where you can merchandise your products by finding your target audience and converting them into your customers.

As remarked by Amazon, products listed along with A+ Content had seen their sales amplify by 10%. Worry not, we know you must be eager to learn the prices Amazon charges. But surprisingly, it is free of cost, unbelievable, right?

2. Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Together with organic performance, PPC performance adds to overall performance and sets A9 apart from Google’s algorithm. This feedback method is helpful if you’re aiming to launch a brand-new product because organic improvements can take some time, and a strong paid strategy can speed up these rankings.

Amazon PPC seeks to attract customers by showing them adverts for goods they are more likely to buy. PPC ensures immediate awareness via sponsored product adverts. An effective PPC strategy and a competitive offer can multiply ROI by several.

3. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

With the help of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, businesses can contract out to Amazon to handle their order fulfillment. Companies bring their goods to Amazon fulfillment centers, where Amazon receives consumer orders and picks, packs, and ships them.  

Additionally, Amazon offers customer care, handles returns, and administers refunds for those orders. Using Amazon FBA, nearly 65% of independent merchants reported having profit margins of over 10%.


Precisely combine all the above measures and voila you have a creatively curated listing optimization strategy for Amazon. You must keep your Amazon product listings current and remain pertinent to your audience if you want to rank higher on Amazon. MMF can assist you with optimizing your listings for higher ranks and conversions. Monitor your performance metrics on Amazon Seller Central besides these factors.

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