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How Much Does Ios App Development Cost in 2024?

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As businesses and entrepreneurs increasingly leverage the power of iOS apps, understanding the key factors influencing iOS app development costs becomes critical. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll examine the elements impacting iOS app development costs in 2024 and provide tips for managing costs without compromising on app quality.

What Impacts the Cost of iOS App Development?

The total cost to develop an iOS app depends on several crucial factors. Let’s look at some of the main ones:

  • App Complexity: The more complex an app’s features and functionality, the higher the app development cost. Apps with simple interfaces and minimal features require less time and expertise, making them cheaper to develop. Complex apps with extensive backend systems, custom functionality, and sophisticated interfaces demand more resources and drive iOS app development prices upward.
  • Design Elements: Incorporating sophisticated design elements like animated visuals, intricate UI/UX, and complex media integration raises iOS app development prices. Additionally, adhering to Apple’s strict design guidelines and interface requirements adds cost for designers and developers.
  • Required Features: The types of features directly impact development costs. While basic features like notifications and user authentication may already be standard, advanced functionality like AI, machine learning, AR/VR, and complex visualizations require highly skilled developers and more time, increasing iOS app development costs.
  • Development Team Location: iOS app development prices can vary substantially based on the geographical location and expertise level of the app development company. North America and Western Europe generally have much higher hourly rates for iOS app development services compared to Eastern Europe and Asia.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Post-launch maintenance like new feature additions, bug fixes, UX optimizations, and keeping the app up-to-date with the latest iOS versions accounts for 15-20% of the initial app development cost per year.

What’s the Estimated Price for iOS App Development in 2024?

Here are the expected iOS app development price ranges in 2024 based on the app’s complexity and features:

  • Basic Apps: $20,000 – $40,000
  • These include simple interfaces, basic features, and minimal backend systems. The shorter 2-3 month development timeline keeps costs down.
  • Moderate Apps: $40,000 – $80,000
  • Have more complex elements like payment integration, interactive visuals, and a sophisticated backend. The 3-6 month development time increases costs somewhat.
  • High-End Apps: $80,000 – $150,000+
  • Include advanced functionality like AI, ML, AR, and 3D gaming. The significant expertise and longer 6+ month timeline raise costs substantially.

By breaking down estimated pricing based on app complexity, businesses can better understand the likely iOS app development costs for their specific needs in 2024.

Strategies to Optimize iOS App Development Cost

Here are some tips mobile app development companies follow to manage iOS app development costs without compromising on app quality:

  • Prioritize must-have features over nice-to-haves
  • Consider starting with the MVP version and adding advanced functionality over the app development timeline
  • Evaluate third-party integration costs versus extensive custom development
  • Leverage agile development methodologies with iterative releases
  • Partner with specialized iOS app development companies to leverage focused expertise cost-effectively

Careful planning and process optimization enable controlling iOS app development prices for even the most sophisticated apps.

How Does iOS App Development Cost Compare to Android?

When comparing iOS vs Android app development costs, there are several key differences:

  • iOS apps can only use Swift or Objective-C, while Android has more language options like Java and Kotlin which provide greater flexibility.
  • Apple’s iOS design guidelines and interface requirements are stricter. Android allows more freedom and customization options for developers.
  • iOS has fewer device variations to account for compared to the multitude of Android phone models and OS versions.
  • UI elements like navigation must be customized separately for iOS vs Android due to fundamental differences.
  • iOS app distribution goes through Apple’s App Store only, while Android apps can use multiple app stores.

Overall, development costs for both platforms are driven primarily by app complexity, features, and required quality standards.

What are the Benefits of Investing in iOS App Development?

Here are some of the significant benefits of iOS app development as an appealing investment: 

  • Flawless and consistent user experience across all iOS devices.
  • Access to Apple’s large ecosystem of devices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch
  • Ability to seamlessly incorporate services like Apple Pay, PassKit, ARKit, CoreML
  • More efficient app review and launch process through Apple’s App Store
  • Premium branding and perception of quality due to Apple’s positioning

By focusing on these determinants, businesses can acquire maximum value from their investment in iOS app development. 


As consumer demand for iOS apps keeps growing, taking a close look at iOS app development prices becomes even more important for businesses to make well-informed decisions. Carefully analyzing potential features, executing projects methodically, and strategically partnering with experienced iOS app developers enable managing budgets without compromising on product quality or user experience.

Partnering with MMF Infotech, a leading mobile app development company, allows businesses to leverage focused iOS development skills while keeping costs and timelines in check. Their proficiency in native iOS and Swift development empowers them to turn product vision into high-quality, feature-rich iOS apps optimized for the Apple ecosystem.

Consider the points in this comprehensive guide to make smart iOS app investment plans that truly deliver value. Evaluating your app requirements carefully and collaborating with a skilled development agency is the key to launching successful iOS apps on a budget.

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