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How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Amazon For Amazon Sellers in 2024

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For entrepreneurs and small businesses, Amazon represents an incredibly lucrative online marketplace to reach millions of potential customers. However, making a profit selling on Amazon requires carefully evaluating the costs involved. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll demystify the cost of selling on Amazon and various other expenses and fees associated with it in 2024. 

How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Amazon?

When weighing whether to sell on Amazon, the first question that logically arises is – how much will it cost? The selling on Amazon fees can be divided into three primary categories:

  • Listing fees – These allow you to list your products on Amazon’s marketplace. For individual sellers, this is $0.99 per item sold. Amazon Professional sellers pay a $39.99 monthly subscription fee.
  • Referral fees – Amazon’s commission on each sale, which ranges from 6% to 45% depending on the product category. Most categories fall between 8-15%.
  • Fulfillment fees – If using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) these include storage, packing, shipping, and customer service costs for your products.

Other costs like advertising and shipping will impact your profitability as well. However, grasping these three fees is crucial for financial planning.

Calculating Your Potential Profit Margin

To determine if selling on Amazon will be financially viable, you need to calculate your potential profit margin.

  • First, subtract your cost of goods sold and all Amazon fees from your product’s retail price. This gives you your preliminary profit.
  • Next, factor in additional expenses like advertising, shipping and storage costs. The remaining figure is your profit margin.
  • Aim for a healthy margin between 30-50%. This allows you to absorb extra costs that may arise and sustain your Amazon business profitably.

Tips to Reduce Expenses and Maximise Earnings

The good news is you can take proactive steps to minimise costs and improve profitability on Amazon:

  • Optimise listings with SEO-friendly text and high-quality images to boost sales.
  • Consider Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Use advertising strategically to promote products and brands.
  • Analyse sales reports and adjust pricing and inventory accordingly.
  • Negotiate with Amazon to reduce fees once sales volume is substantial.
  • Use Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) to lower fulfilment costs.

Every business is unique, so implement cost-saving tactics that suit your products, resources and capabilities best. Small optimizations add up to big profits.

Understanding Your Tax Obligations as an Amazon Seller

One expense that often catches new Amazon sellers off guard is taxes. To remain compliant, you must understand your taxation responsibilities:

  • Sales tax – Most states require sales tax collection if you have inventory stored in or shipped from their state.
  • Income tax – Your Amazon seller income is taxable. Keep accurate records to calculate taxes owed.
  • Self-employment tax – You may need to pay these taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare.

Be sure to account for all the Amazon seller taxes in 2024 as being the obligations. Consult an accountant experienced with e-commerce businesses to ensure you meet your tax obligations. Factor these costs into your financial plans.

Choosing the Right Products to Sell on Amazon

Choosing what to sell on Amazon is a crucial step in the process as selecting profitable products requires evaluating factors like competition, demand, sourcing costs, and Amazon fees for that particular category. Some product categories that tend to sell well include: 

  • Consumer electronics – Renewed smartphones and tablets can be sourced reasonably and in bulk. 
  • Home goods –  Things like furniture, kitchenware and home decor are constantly in demand.
  • Toys and games – Evergreen favourites and new trending toys attract Amazon’s vast parent demographic.
  • Books – With millions of readers, Amazon moves high volumes of fiction and non-fiction books. 

Do thorough market research to identify opportunities in your niche. Evaluate product data and adjust your market offerings accordingly.

How to Increase Sales on Amazon

Beyond choosing profitable products, there are proven tactics to increase your Amazon sales:

  • Optimize SEO elements in listings – Include keywords in titles and optimise product descriptions.
  • Run Amazon PPC ad campaigns – Hire experts to manage campaigns to promote your listings.
  • Offer promotions and coupons – Strategic limited-time discounts can stimulate sales.
  • Collect reviews – Positive ratings and reviews boost conversion rates.
  • Analyze competitors – Monitor their pricing, promotions and high-ranked products.

Hidden Costs First-Time Amazon Sellers Should Know

When budgeting to sell on Amazon, be aware of some easily overlooked costs:

  • Storage fees – Long-term storage fees apply for inventory stored over 365 days. Managing stock efficiently is key to avoiding these.
  • Advertising – PPC and other Amazon ad campaigns come at a cost but are often necessary for visibility. Hire Amazon PPC experts to boost your growth on Amazon’s vast marketplace.
  • Packaging and shipping – For self-fulfilled orders, negotiated discounted rates with carriers can significantly control these costs.

It’s also crucial to account for sales tax registration requirements and income tax obligations in your state. Consult an experienced accountant to ensure full compliance.


In conclusion, selling on Amazon offers immense possibilities but needs strategic financial planning and cost management. Be careful in selecting profitable products, optimising conversions, running effective promotions and ads, and fulfilling orders cost-effectively. With the right preparation and execution, Amazon’s incredible reach can be leveraged to grow a flourishing business.

For exceptional guidance on optimising your Amazon business while minimising costs, consider services like MMF Infotechs’ expert Amazon account management services. Their expert team helps sellers maximise success on the platform. 

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