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What is Amazon Brand Registry, and how does it work? 

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Building a brand can be overwhelming; it gives you a sense of excitement as you are going to get connected with people, but at the same time, it can stress you as to how to be different, make your own space in the market, and protect your creation. How do you increase sales on Amazon, and how much investment would you need to put yourself in the market? Your creations include trademark designs, symbols, names, and images used in business and merchandising. 

Patents provide exclusive rights for an invention. Copyrights protecting literary and artistic works such as images, books, and films Amazon Brand Registry provides advanced technology to verify brand owners and stop bad actors from profiting off your hard work. Don’t have a registered trademark? Resources like Amazon IP Accelerator can help. We’ll cover the details in this article.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Brand Registry is a valuable tool that doesn’t cost anything. It helps you safeguard your intellectual property, ensure your product information is correct, and expand your business, even if you’re not selling on Amazon. When you sign up for Brand Registry, you can provide details about your brand. It activates protective measures and gives you access to tools and features to help your business grow.

What are the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?

When you join Brand Registry, you can access these helpful tools:

Automated Protections: We use innovative technology to stop lousy product listings from going live. We can predict and prevent problematic listings by giving us information about your brand and products.

  • Report Violations: You can search Amazon’s catalog to find potential violations of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and design rights. If you find any issues, you can report them.
  • Brand Registry Support: Our specialists assist you with technical problems, listing issues, policy violations, and more.
  • Patent Dispute Resolution: In the U.S. Amazon store, we provide a faster and more cost-effective method for resolving patent disputes than going to court. Neutral third-party experts establish whether an infringement of a utility patent has occurred, and their verdict holds as binding.
  • Impact Dashboard: You can see how Amazon uses the information you provide to protect your brand and remove problematic listings.
  • Help: Access educational resources, answers to common questions, and guides on using Brand Registry features.
  • Tools and features you can unlock with Amazon Brand Registry

Sign up to access many resources that can help you sell online successfully. Here’s what’s available to help you grow your brand:

Expand Your Audience

Amazon Vine: Get reviews for new or slow-selling products from Vine Voices, a group of Amazon reviewers.

  • Amazon Live: Engage with your audience in real-time through live chat, answer questions, and build a community. Viewers can also buy during the live stream.
  • Advertising: Use digital ads like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Displays, and Sponsored Brands to make your brand more discoverable.

Boost Your Sales

A+ Content: Make your products stand out by adding rich text, images, and more features to your product descriptions.

  • Amazon Stores Builder: Create a whole online store within Amazon to showcase items for sale. It helps customers learn more about your brand and can increase sales.
  • Virtual Bundles: Increase sales by bundling products together into combo deals.
  • Manage Your Experiments: Use Amazon’s split testing tool to determine which content on your detail pages works best through A/B testing.

Build Brand Loyalty

Subscribe & Save: Offer customers the chance to save on regular orders they place frequently to build loyalty.

Manage Customer Engagement: Create email campaigns to build strong relationships with customers and increase the visibility of your products. Send emails to high-spend, recent, and repeat customers and your brand’s followers.

Inform Your Strategy

  • Brand Analytics: Access powerful data reports to improve sales, analyze search query performance, and more.
  • Brand Referral Bonus: Earn a bonus on sales driven to Amazon from your traffic.
  • Amazon Attribution: Use Amazon Attribution to boost sales through email, social media, and other marketing channels.
  • Brand Metrics: Get a complete view of how customers interact with your brand on Amazon. Measure your performance at each stage of the buying process and see how customer value increases as they get closer to making a purchase.

These tools can help you build your brand, excel in e-commerce, and achieve long-term success.

Brand Registry eligibility, enrollment, and costs

If you’re thinking about joining the Amazon Brand Registry, here’s what you need to know to get started:

Who Can Join Amazon Brand Registry?

To be eligible for the Amazon Brand Registry, all you need is a trademark that’s either fully registered or in the process of being registered.

To be considered a registered brand, you must have an active trademark that uses text or images. You should register this trademark in each country where you want to enroll and sell your products. In some cases, the Brand Registry might also accept brands with trademark registrations in progress, but you should check the specific requirements for each country.

Here’s how you can join the Amazon Brand Registry

  • Make sure your products and packaging have your brand’s name or logo.
  • Visit Brand Registry and log in using your Seller Central credentials.
  • Select “Enroll a Brand.”
  • Provide your brand details in “Brand Information,” including your trademark office, registration, or serial number.
  • If you have a design mark in your trademark, upload a clear image of your logo.
  • Under “Product Information,” upload at least one image that shows your brand name or logo on your products or packaging.
  • Indicate whether you’re a seller, vendor, or both.
  • Choose the product categories you plan to sell, such as electronics, jewelry, or beauty.
  • Share details about manufacturing and distribution, like documentation and the countries where you’ll sell your products.
  • Submit your application.
  • You’ll get a verification code to send to Amazon to finish your enrollment.

Amazon Brand Registry Costs: Joining Brand Registry is free. However, some tools and services you can access after enrolling might have associated costs.

Establish your brand presence on Amazon.com with the Build Your Brand page. This page in Seller Central under the Brands tab helps you shape your brand by setting your primary business goals and discovering the ideal programs for your company. Are you prepared to establish your business’s online identity? Get started with Brand Registry today.
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