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React Native Development: 5 Fabulous Reasons to Choose it for Start-Up Application

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What Makes React Native Development the Best Contender for Start-Up Applications?

Today start-ups aim to solve the most significant issues in the digital era with modern technology. But due to limited funds and restricted resources, start-ups often need simple solutions within their budget. Thus, start-up owners are adopting react native development for building their MVP app. 

We can say that React Native helps simplify the mobile app development process by reducing development expenses and time. React Native doesn’t stop here but provides an unbeatable user experience. React Native is compatible with developing mobile UI, giving the app a smoother feel and quick loading.

Being a technology not very old in the market, it is reaching new heights of popularity. Many big companies & small start-ups prefer react native platform. Keep reading, and you will understand why React Native development is perfect for start-ups.

Why Start-Ups Rely on React Native Development?

Start-ups work in a dynamic nature, and they need to ensure no mistakes should happen. A single mistake can cost them a lot of time to rectify it. A React Native app development project consumes 50% less time than other mobile app development platforms. 

Time & money savings are two factors that attract start-ups, and developers also love using React Native. It also offers excellent tools that ease the development process of high-quality codes.

React Native’s adoption rate is growing fast, and over 34,000 React Native mobile apps are available today. These 3 factors are crucial for start-ups: rapid scaling, quick iterations, and meeting deadlines. 

When a start-up follows these factors, it can keep up with the market trends and get an edge over the competitors. In React Native app development, developers can update their applications and stay relevant at the right time.

Top 5 Reasons That Tell Why React Native is Perfect for Start-Ups

Now that we know what react native development offers to attract start-ups, we are ready to look at this technology’s advantages. Here are 5 reasons explaining why React Native development is best for start-ups:

react native platform
  1. Native Application Development
    Native apps are trustworthy among users, but developing them is expensive. React Native development is the start-up’s trump card. It combines a great user experience and low development costs.

    The best thing about React Native is that it never makes the users feel that their app is slow. Users don’t need to bother about frequent app crashes as well.

  2. React Native’s Single Codebase
    React Native development requires lesser charges in comparison to other frameworks. This low cost is because React Native platform supports code reusability. 90% of the code is reusable, thus pushing the development speed and efficiency.

    The single codebase follows the “write once, run everywhere” rule. It allows developers to cut down time, and they can focus on enhancing the user experience. 

    Start-ups also enjoy this feature as they can launch the app on Android and iOS at the same time. Reusable codes also need less maintenance, thus saving more money for start-ups.

  3. Low Development Cost
    We all can agree that cross-platform mobile app development is costly and can shake the start-up’s budget. But, releasing their app on Android & iOS is essential to capture a large audience. React Native platform can help you do that at half the price of other platform developers. 

    Suppose, if you have to develop a cross-platform app, you hire two developers for app development on Android and iOS. It would cost you double the money and doesn’t sound like a good idea. 

    Instead, you can hire a single React Native developer, and once the app is ready, you can launch it on both platforms. After spending money on developers, you can use the saved money for other business expenses such as app maintenance or marketing.

4. Diverse Library and Third-Party Plugins

React Native app development offers a range of third-party plugins that can add various functionalities to the app to develop an excellent quality app with helpful features. Using third-party plugins can incorporate native application features in your React Native mobile app. For providing a smooth experience to users, React Native platform allows access to:

  • A testing library that contains tools for writing error-free programs.
  • Tools for type checking like Prototype, Flow, and Axios.

React Native development includes these libraries as well:

  • Restyle to build UI elements.
  • Exception handler to handle errors.

As an open-source platform, React Native has so much to offer. On top of that, constant updates are happening in React Native development plugins and libraries. Developers can incorporate the most attractive features into the React Native mobile apps.

5. React Native Security and Stability

Stability is crucial if your app is running on different platforms. An unstable app can waste all the hard work and money spent during its development. But, start-up owners don’t need to worry about their app as JavaScript guarantees high stability.

React Native mobile apps, however, are exposed to security risks. A security threat is a risk for your growing start-up; hence, you must perform preventive measures since the client has access to the app’s source code. React Native has its security measures, but we advise that you should ensure that your app is secure from your end as well. Here are some tips that can secure your app:

  • Safeguarding your HTTP authentication or employing technologies such as JSON web token, OAuth, etc.
  • To defend against DDoS assaults, use rate limiting and install app-level API restrictions.
  • Use multi-factor authentication and two-step authorization.
  • Update libraries to the most updated version for improved security features.
  • To prevent cross-site request forgery attacks, use JWT tokens for session management.

Is it possible to create a hybrid app with React Native?

hybrid app development

One of the most popular frameworks for hybrid mobile apps is React Native. It can create amazing mobile apps for both iOS and Android. 

Do React Native developers primarily work on the front end?

React Native developers primarily focus on front-end development but may collaborate with other development teams to ensure overall application quality.


React Native is an excellent add-on in the arsenal of start-ups. Since React Native development is capable of high performance, it’s a top choice for start-ups entering the market. Including these features at a low cost is like a cherry on the cake.

React Native development allows start-ups to launch their mobile applications in the least amount of time. Because of this, the popularity of React Native is increasing day by day, and this upsurge is showing no signs of slowing down. React Native’s creators are leaving no stone unturned to advance the app with new features with every release, making it hard for start-ups to track the latest features and utilize them to ride on the trend.

With over 10+ years of experience in React Native development and having worked in 11 different industries, you can trust us to develop your mobile app. Contact us right now, and MMF Infotech will assist you in developing your app as per the latest updates.

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